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18th ICSMGE, Paris 2013 Proceedings

The Engineering of the Coastal Limestones of Western Australia

In March 2008, the Western Australian Chapter of the AGS held a seminar on The Engineering of the Coastal Limestones of Western Australia. The aim of the seminar was to educate engineers and geologists about the characteristics of the limestone of Western Australia and provide case studies that demonstrate the engineering challenges presented by this material.

The seminar included presentations by academics and local practitioners who have many years of experience in characterising and working with Limestones in Western Australia. An afternoon field trip to sites around Perth was conducted to observe the stratigraphy and engineering features of the limestones.

Some of the presentations given at this seminar are available to download:

WA Ground Improvement Workshop

Geotechnical Borehole Database: Perth, Central Business District

Illustrative Sections Depicting Landslide Susceptibility Of The Illawarra Escarpment (2012)

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Landslide Risk Management (2007)

Landslide Risk Management (2000)