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AGS Tasmania Radar Interferometry Workshop, early 2020


Seeking Expressions of Interest:
AGS Workshop on INSAR and its Applications for Understanding Ground Movement

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Radar interferometry (InSAR) is a rapidly expanding technique that offers valuable insight into ground deformation for a range of applications, particularly in the field of geotechnics. Due to advancing radar technology and increasing numbers of satellites, the quality and frequency of spaceborne radar coverage available for InSAR is continually improving. An increasing range of radar datasets are becoming freely available, further increasing application potential in geotechnical studies of various scale. However, InSAR is a technically complex technology necessitating appropriate planning, processing, and interpretation. This workshop is aimed at providing end-users and those commissioning imagery a basic understanding of the technique and its limitations in order to improve success and avoid disappointment. Those interested in conducting their own processing using commercially available software require further
theoretical and applied background that is beyond the scope of this workshop.


Dr. Bernhard Rabus is a Professor in the School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, Canada. He has a geophysics background and is an internationally recognised expert in InSAR technology and processing with numerous academic publications to his credit, plus prior experience in government and industry roles. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in synthetic aperture radar applications, including InSAR, and undertakes a range of radar-based research activities.

Dr. Nicholas Roberts is a natural hazards geologist in the Geological Survey Branch of Mineral Resources Tasmania. He has strong interests in landslides and Quaternary geology with a range of academic publications and previous industry and government roles. Nick is also an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University and collaborates with Dr. Rabus as an end-user to apply InSAR to a range of geological applications in diverse settings, including Tasmania.

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The course will be offered in late January or early February 2020 in Hobart, Tasmania. Please register your interest by completing the Expression Of Interest form.