AGS-SA/ICE Short Video Competition


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Collaboration between industry and academia can drive innovation and progress in many industries, including Civil Engineering. To encourage thought about this matter the SA/NT Chapter of the AGS, the SA branch of the ICE and Aurecon invite students and young practitioners of Civil Engineering to make a 2 minute video addressing one of the topics below:

Topic 1

Can new fields of study and activity (e.g. artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc) have a major impact on civil engineering practice unless there is good collaboration between industry and academia?

Topic 2

Is it safe in for a Civil Engineering Organisation not to innovate? What are the risks in innovation and how can they be managed?

Topic 3

What systems, frameworks and/or programs can be put in place to promote better collaboration in research between industry, academia and government?

Videos will be judged on the criteria below:



The prizes are donated by Aurecon. The best video wins a $200 prize. The runner up wins $100. The winning video will be announced at AGS SA/NT Young Geotechnical Professionals and Students Evening starting at 6pm Monday 15 July 2019 in Room 132, Engineering North Building, at the University of Adelaide. Best 5 videos to be shown at this event. This event will be attended by some of Adelaide ‘s leading geotechnical engineers.

Submission of video

To enter please email a download link for the video and your contact details to Richard Herraman using your hosting service of choice (e.g. Google drive, Dropbox etc). You will also need to obtain an Author Declaration form from Richard Herraman, fill it in and submit it. Videos submitted without an Author Declaration form will not be considered. By submitting a video you have the opportunity to have your work seen by potential employers.