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Monthly Lecture Student Presentations

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Distinguished Lecture

ABSTRACT Although the origins of geoenvironmental engineering can be traced to numerous activities, the transformative event was leakage of toxic chemicals from the chemical waste dump at Love Canal, New York, in the late 1970’s. The actual and alleged health impacts produced dramatic changes in regulations and stringent new requirements for disposal of hazardous and More Information…

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SAKHALIN II Phase 2 PROJECT: Challenges of Seismic and Arctic Environment

The development of the Sakhalin 2 oil and gas fields at a cost of US$22 billion is the largest foreign investment in Russia and is currently producing around 400,000boe/day. The fields are situated in a region of severe seismic activity East of the Sakhalin Island in the sea of Okhotsk, which is covered with sea More Information…

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Numerical Modelling Of Dynamic Saturated Soil And Pore Fluid Interaction

Earthquake induced liquefaction has caused extensively damage to various cities and one of the most notable one is the damage caused to Christchurch on 22nd February 2011. Liquefaction occurs because of the interaction between the soil particles and its pore fluid. The seminar will describe the cause of liquefaction and the typical damage it causes. More Information…

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