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AGS QLD Symposium 2016 – Presentations

The Future of Geotechnics Please start making arrangements to join us for AGS QLD’s 2016 full day symposium. This year’s theme revolves around “The Future of Geotechnics”. Presentations include (click the link to view): Mark Cassidy – The Future of Offshore Geotechnics (Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems, The University of Western Australia) Presentation James Glastonbury – Disruptive Technologies and a …more

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USQ Workshop No. 1 – Recent Trends in Geotechnical Engineering and Education

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Engineering for Adelaide Earthquakes

About the Presentation This lecture explores the nature of earthquake ground motion and its effects on buildings. It gives an overview of the seismic hazard in Adelaide and discusses the likelihood of various levels of ground motion. Finally it discusses what can be done to improve building response and whether we, as residents, should be …more

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Student Evening

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Masterclass 2016:
Legal Aspects of Geotechnical Engineering Practice: Experience, Thoughts, Concepts and Ideas

The 2016 AGS QLD Masterclass, while dealing with legal concepts, is presented from the perspective of an engineering practitioner and not a lawyer. The topics covered are focused on the practicing geotechnical professional; and are drawn from the experience, thoughts, concepts and ideas gained by the Presenter from more than four decades within the geotechnical …more

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Evening lecture on Legal Issues

About the presentation This lecture deals with the legal aspects of geotechnical engineering.  The lecture is focussed on some of the ramifications of engineering disasters and highlights the lessons gained from more than four decades of practice.  The experience covers not only the role of the expert witness, but acting as a Mining Warden, in …more

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Retrogressive Flow Slides in South-East Queensland

Abstract ‘Retrogressive breach failures’, also known as ‘retrogressive flow slides’, are relatively common but short lived natural events which can affect shorelines adjacent to sandy tidal channels in South East Queensland and elsewhere in the world. Their occurrence often goes unnoticed and unreported because they occur underwater and do not always reach the bank or …more

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Use and Abuse of Springs to Model Foundations

Springs are widely used in structural modelling packages to represent the stiffness response of foundations. This method is a significant improvement on models which assume the foundation is a rigid fixed or pinned support, and assigning a foundation stiffness is essential to enable structural models to better identify load re-distribution and deflection induced stresses in …more

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