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AGS VIC Symposium 2016

Excavations and slope stability in Melbourne geology: experiences and recent developments The Victorian chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) is pleased to announce a half-day symposium titled “Excavations and Slope stability in Melbourne geology: experiences and recent developments” to be held on 16 November 2016. The event will be held in Melbourne and will bring …more

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Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Evening Seminar &
The 15th Dr Baden Clegg Award – 2016

This annual event gives a platform for our younger (under 35) geo-professionals to present their work, gain feedback from experienced colleagues and become involved in AGS activities. Please support them by coming along to what should be a varied, interesting and exciting evening. There will be three presentations, each 15 minutes long, with 5 minutes …more

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Deconstructing Engineering Geological Models

Abstract The use of engineering geological models to manage risks and facilitate project success is becoming increasingly common, but the rules for creating effective models are as yet unclear.  Projects are now challenged by factors ranging from climate change to political uncertainty and so there is an increasing need to elucidate those rules – so …more

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2016 Annual General Meeting – Newcastle Chapter (postponed)

The 2016 committee for the Newcastle Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics society invites all members and their guests to attend this year’s Annual General Meeting. Attendees are welcome to remain for dinner after the AGM at a cost of approximately $20 per person. The agenda for this year’s meeting is as follows: 1. Welcome & …more

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51st Rankine Lecture – Geotechnical Stability Analysis – 2016 Newcastle

About the presentation Historically, geotechnical stability analysis has been performed by a variety of approximate methods that are based on the notion of limit equilibrium. Although they appeal to engineering intuition, these techniques have a number of major disadvantages, not the least of which is the need to presuppose an appropriate failure mechanism in advance. …more

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Forest and bio-engineering rock fall protection techniques

Abstract A number of studies have demonstrated that forests can be an efficient and cost-effective means of protecting against rock-fall. This is especially true for events involving small blocks (< 5 m3). Incorporating the effects of forests in rock-fall propagation models is complicated by the mechanical processes that occur between blocks and trees. Although existing …more

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Railway Tunnel Remediation in the Bylong Valley

Abstract In recent years rail tunnels on the Ulan Line at Kerrabee and Murrumbo in the Bylong Valley have been suffering from track geometry issues and mud pumping. Investigations have shown that the natural material beneath the tunnel’s floor slab has been pulverised by cyclic coal wagon loads, resulting in: voids, cracking and subsidence of …more

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2016 Newcastle Geology Tour

About the Tour The Newcastle chapter of the AGS is pleased to announce plans for a geology tour in the Lower Hunter Valley. The 2016 excursion will follow a transect across the Lochinvar anticline, beginning with an overview of the lower Hunter Valley from the top of Mount Sugarloaf, and proceeding to follow the Hunter …more

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Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils

Abstract The effective stress principle is one of most fundamental contributions in the field of soil mechanics. It converts a multi–phase, multi–stress state porous medium to a mechanically equivalent, single-phase, single-stress state continuum, thus allowing the application of the principles of continuum solid mechanics to fluid-filled deformable porous media. Without the advent of the effective …more

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