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Damage and premature refusal of piles

Abstract Pile damage during driving is relatively common, and probably occurs more frequently than is generally acknowledged. Unless the structural integrity of the pile is compromised, damage that leads to difficulty in driving, hence reduced final penetration of the pile, may not affect the foundation performance. However, for offshore applications where piles must be driven More Information…

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Computational limit analysis: from stability to deformations

Abstract The use of the finite element method for engineering analysis goes back to the 1950s. Since then, the method has undergone tremendous developments and is today a standard tool in many fields of engineering including structural, mechanical, and aerospace engineering. In geotechnical engineering, the method is used routinely for both stability and deformation analysis. More Information…

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55th Rankine Lecture:
Hazard, Risk and Reliability in Geotechnical Practice

“Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one” – Voltaire Abstract More and more, society requires to know the risk which people, property and the environment are exposed to. The role of the geotechnical engineering profession should increasingly be reducing exposure to threats, reducing risk and protecting people. The objective of the 55th Rankine More Information…

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