NZGS Climate Change Symposium


The New Zealand Geotechnical Society in partnership with Engineering New Zealand, The Sustainability Society and MBIE will host a symposium to discuss the role of geotechnical engineers in climate change.

The NZGS Climate Change Symposium was originally intended to take place on 30th September and have in-person attendance at regional hubs.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and lockdowns across the country, we have decided to move the symposium online, and instead of being run as a full day event, we will be splitting this up into 3 sessions of 2-3 hours on consecutive days. Each session will be 2pm – 4pm. 

The symposium will engage the geotechnical industry in New Zealand and start discussions on how our industry can reach the carbon emission goals set by the New Zealand government. What does it mean for the geotechnical industry in New Zealand? Where do we need to stretch, collaborate and re-invent ourselves to meet the targets? Regardless if you work as a consultant, contractor, academic or policy maker, we are looking for a broad range of different opinions as this topic is important for all of us and collaboration, innovation and transformation are critical to start the process.

We hope to spark your interest and stimulate many constructive discussions about this topic and we want to hear different opinions and approaches how to overcome some of the current barriers. Collaboration is the key to reach these targets and help building a more sustainable future.


Online                     $25.00 incl. GST
Online (Student)     $15.00 incl. GST


Register online at Engineering NZ.