308th IAEG Connector


The latest issue of the IAEG Connector is available to read online.

One of the worst climatic tragedies in the history of Brazil has developed this past week in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and our national group of Brazil is helping with the many problems resulting from rainfall five times what is normal.

Second, our Commission 25 on the development and application of engineering geology models has translated their report into Chinese language, and it can be downloaded.

Third, today is the deadline for nominations for our major awards in engineering geology for our organization.

There are many geodisasters around the world, too. The Philippines had a tailings failure, a debris flow happened in Tibet, a gold mine in Niger has been closed, and a landslide has occurred in peat in Scotland. There is also a mention of Siberia’s famous permafrost crater, Batagay. A very large mine is also being developed in Guinea in Africa.