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Sydney Symposium Proceedings

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2010 Sydney Symposium

  • Earthquake hazard and risk in regions of low to moderate seismicityJ.W. Pappin
  • Structural reliability of retaining walls designed to as 4678 for permanent, imposed and seismic loadsRod Johnston
  • Large earthquake recurrence in new south wales: implications for earthquake hazardD. J. Clark
  • Geotechnical lessons from an extreme geo-disaster: visit to the May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake zone, ChinaM.J. Eggers
  • Seismic response and dynamic deformation analysis of Shur River damB. Ghahreman Nejad, P. Soden, H. Taiebat and S. Murphy
  • Influence of soil characteristics on seismic response of mid-rise moment resisting buildings considering soil-structure interactionBehzad Fatahi, Hamid Reza Tabatabaiefar, and Bijan Samali
  • Seismic-liquefaction assessment methods in conjunction with pore pressure development and dissipationDr Radin Espandar and Dr Nihal Vitharana
  • Displacement based seismic design for large gravity retaining wallsP.R.E. Davies, A. Dodds, and J. D. McIlquham
  • Seismic analysis for open pit minesJ.C.W. Toh
  • Earthquake dynamic analysis of a hospital buildingR Dales, E Candra and V. Kovtunov
  • Designing for seismic events – a case studyFrances Badelow and Simon Cloherty
  • Retaining structures performance against seismic loads for Australian type ground motionsJ. W. Pappin and R. C. H. Koo
  • Dem simulations of liquefaction and postliquefaction behaviour of granular materialsJ. S. Vinod, T. G. Sitharam and B. V. Ravishankar
  • Scrap-tyre soil mixture for seismic protectionM. S. Mashiri, M. Neaz Sheikh, J. S. Vinod, Hing Ho Tsang
  • Liquefaction potential assessment and pile foundation design for high efficiency gas turbines and compressors in perthJ. Yang and K. Wright

2011 Sydney Symposium

Coastal and Marine Geotechnics: Foundations for Trade

  • Development and application of models for the stability analysis of Australia’s offshore pipelinesMark Cassidy
  • Enhancing coastal geotechnics with integrated marine seismic reflection and refraction geophysics: case studiesBob Whiteley
  • Submarine landslides on the south-eastern Australian marginS. Clarke, D.W. Airey, P. Yu and T. Hubble
  • A Case Study on the Design of Transition Zone for Cement Deep Mixing for a Port Reclamation ProjectPatrick K. Wong
  • Performance and Prediction of Vacuum Combined Surcharge Consolidation at Port of BrisbaneBuddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, Geng Xueyu, Jayantha Ameratunga and Peter Boyle
  • Geotechnical offshore site investigation and reclamation design at Port KemblaZ. Lai, J. Hsi, T. Rheinberger and T. Andrews
  • Geotechnical Aspects of Dredging and Reclamation Works for the Port Botany Expansion ProjectPhilip R.E. Davies and James D. McIlquham
  • Considerations in Applying Geotextiles
 to Coastal RevetmentsA.F. Nielsen and G. Mostyn
  • Geotechnical and coastal engineering aspects of risk assessment for coastal protective works and assetsPaul Roberts and Peter Horton
  • Design and construction of an impermeable silt curtain in a tidal zoneBob Batchelder, Jillian Smith, Danielle Starring, Kate Cole
  • Sand Filled Geotextile Structures: design and durabilityW.P. Hornsey and J. T. Carley
  • Geotextiles in specialist marine applications: An Australia perspective over 32 yearsW.P. Hornsey
  • Vibrocoring as an effective combined geotechnical, geochemical and ASS investigation ToolBob Batchelder and Alan McLennan

2012 Sydney Symposium

Advances in Geotechnical Aspects of Roads and Railways

  • Future of Australian rail tracks capturing higher speeds with heavier freightBuddhima Indraratna, Sanjay Nimbalkar and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn
  • Geotechnical challenges facing the roads and maritime servicesG. Vorobieff, S. Yuen and C. Walker
  • Advanced analysis of track formation on Coode Island siltDaniel Simmonds and Sergei Terzaghi
  • Case study of railway embankment stabilisation works at Moor Park Station with progressive slope failureChun Yean Tey
  • Railway Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering are they married yet?David Christie
  • Deep soil mixing ground improvement to minimise differential settlements for rail embankment culvert approaches for the Hexham New Loop Project, NSWSuren Karasu, Oliver Batchelor and Martin Griffiths
  • General and technical considerations for implementing high speed rail systems in AustraliaHadi Khabbaz and Behzad Fatahi
  • A new method of filtration design on rail track subballastLaricar Dominic O. Trani and Buddhima Indraratna
  • Piles Creek embankment collapse – the investigations, the expert’s findings and subsequent improvements in asset management of culvert structures on major roads in NSWC. Shackell and P. Retsos
  • Compaction and compactability assessment of difficult soils – an alternative approachI. Driscoll, R. Kelly, S.Padina and M. Foweraker
  • Guidelines on settlement criteria for design of highway projectsPatrick K. Wong and Stephen Summerell
  • Application of dynamic compaction in reclaimed roadsBabak Hamidi, Hamid Nikraz and Serge Varaksin
  • Impacts of fracturing caused by valley formation and pillar collapse on the Hunter Expressway ProjectR.J. Symington, D.J. Och and O. Stahlhut
  • Acid sulfate rock management in earthworks for roadsChris Walker
  • Field behaviour of fill structures on the South West Rail LinkAdam Miller and Cristien Gani
  • Geostrap® & Ecostrap™ reinforcements for MSE structures. A new approach to geosynthetic soil reinforcementRamirez A. and Rosler I.
  • Cost effective design of rail structural fill zone and its application in southern Sydney freight lineA. Butler and W. Deng
  • Geotechnical aspects of the mid-west rail upgrade project in Western AustraliaH. Acosta-Martinez, J. Fong, B. Decker and M. Gupta
  • Innovative techniques in the construction of embankment wideningJohn Marwick, Liam Wythes and Dane Lidgard
  • Comparison of different hard rock drilling methods for bored pilesMartin Larisch
  • Successful application of mixed abutment construction to a freight rail foundation on granular soilJ. Marwick, M. Chung, M. Merry and P. Wanis
  • Determination of moisture content of subgrade soil using artificial neuro-electronic controlN. S. Shetu and M. A. Masum
  • Fatigue and stability characteristics of open porous cement base materialPaul Hovagimian and Markus Oeser
  • Analytical modelling of pavements under moving loadsSaina Emami and Markus Oeser
  • Diaphragm wall embedment depth design in road underpass tunnel project in SingaporeW. Chen and T. Ho
  • Design of pile foundation for an integral bridge in soft ground on Hunter ExpresswayHenry Zhang and James Pan
  • Ground investigation in the Sydney CBD — a more sustainable model for the futureD.J. Och, S. Davies, D. Gilchrist, G. Kotze, A. Bowden and G. McNally

2013 Sydney Symposium

Retaining Structures: Recent Advances and Past Experiences

  • Embedded retaining walls – streamlining design guidanceRachel Nicholls
  • Excavation induced ground movements and risk management strategiesPatrick Wong
  • Performance of anchored pile walls for a deep cutHsi, J.P., Hutton, L.D., and Oo, N.T.
  • Design and construction of a cement stabilised-shored reinforced soil wallD.A.F. Oliveira, F. Badelow, P.K. Wong and D. Gorman
  • Construction methods and associated risks for rigid and flexible retaining wallsMartin Larisch and Steve Gates
  • Unsaturated soil-retaining wall interaction: experiments and theoretical modellingThanh Vo and Adrian R. Russell
  • Deep basements in melbourne siltstonePeter McDonald, Michael Broise, David Chong
  • Controlling horizontal displacement of reinforced soil wall constructed over stone column treated groundBosco Poon and Kim Chan
  • The wall that movedGeoff Young
  • The effect of geosynthetic soil reinforcement design standards on costs for earth-retaining structures: a qualitative approachRaymond Chow
  • Case study of 9m high geogrid reinforced segmental block wall in Southeast QueenslandBarry Wai-Choo Kok, Jeroen Berends, Jia Xie and Martin Silec
  • Design of slope stabilizing piles for reinforced soil walls on Hunter ExpresswayHenry Zhang, Simon Yau, Robert Kingsland, David Och
  • The development of Maccaferri’s macres reinforced walling system with steel strip reinforcing elementsMohammad Jahid Iftekhar Alam, S. C. Robert Lo and Gary Matthews
  • Design and construction of cantilever retaining wall near railway line: (Case study – 359 Illawarra Road, Marrickville NSW)Yong Zou
  • Use of a rock filled tyre wall to provide passive support to a large bridge abutmentRebecca Main and Tim Furney
  • Advances in diaphragm wall constructionBabak Hamidi and Gary Webley
  • Continuous flight auger (CFA) pile retaining walls boundary settlements during pile installationPeter V. Andrews
  • Parametric study on behaviour of reinforced soil walls with combined horizontal and vertical geosyntheticsHadi Khabbaz, Binod Shrestha and Behzad Fatahi

2014 Sydney Symposium

Resilient Geotechnics

  • Proceedings of the 2014 AGS Symposium

2015 Sydney Symposium

Groundwater & Excavation

  • Abstract Book
  • Prediction of groundwater impacts for excavationsRoss James Best
  • Building dewatering in the Botany Sands and the aquifer interference policyBoyd B. Dent, Greg Russell and Richard T. Green
  • Fibre reinforcement of CSM walls to enhance strength, crack resistance and seepage cut-offAdrian R. Russell, Mark Chapman and Hossein Taiebat
  • Excavation, structural stabilisation and groundwater management by jet grouting on Sydney Harbour ForeshoreDavid A Chadwick and Derek L Avalle
  • Performance assessment of cut off walls subject to tidal variationAntony Orton
  • Use of Deep Soil Mixing for Excavation Retention and Groundwater ControlChris Lyons, Sergei Terzaghi
  • Deep excavations in soft clay on Brisbane Airport Link ProjectHenry Zhang, Hong Zhu
  • Some design and construction issues in deep excavations and shoring designQijing Yang
  • Meeting the challenges of complex excavation interactionsD.A.F. Oliveira
  • Utilisation of deep groundwater barrier walls using soil bentonite and biopolymer slurries in geotechnical and environmental applicationsJonathan Hale, Alexandre Hubaut, Philippe Vincent
  • Contaminant flow in groundwater in hawkesbury sandstone – experience from major basement excavationsMalcolm Dale
  • Groundwater inflow assessment for deep basement excavations: A case studyBen Rotter
  • Hydrogeologists and geotechnical engineers – Lost Without TranslationPhilip Pells and Steven Pells
  • Design groundwater levelsGareth Swarbrick and Strath Clarke
  • Hydrogeological assessment for a land reclamation dewatering operationKim Chan and Bosco Poon
  • Groundwater control in design and construction of deep basement excavation in singaporeEi Sandar Aung Win, Sher Bhullar and Sergei Terzaghi
  • Depressurisation of the Cleveland St UnderpassGareth Swarbrick, Ben Rouvray, Jason Henning

2016 Sydney Symposium

Ground Stabilisation Techniques for Problematic Soils and Unstable Rocks

  • Proceedings of the 2016 AGS Symposium
  • Selected methods of ground improvement for Australian transport infrastructureBuddhima Indraratna, Ana Heitor, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn and Rui Zhong
  • Soft soil engineering in practiceJeff Hsi
  • Case study of seven ground improvement techniques implemented at coal export terminals on Kooragang Island, Australia.Ming Lai, Ondrej Synac, Iain Robertson, Derek Avalle
  • Design of high strength geotextiles for basal reinforcement within embankmentsIdy Li and Jeff Hsi
  • Deep dry soil mixing – Performance and quality control acceptance criteriaPatrick K. Wong and Richard B. Kelly
  • Determining the effect of ground improvement using impact rolling for varying site conditionsSanjive Narenderanathan, Simon McBeath, Rusiru Dalugoda and Declan McHale
  • A new calculation approach to design flexible facing system for soil nailingMarco Cerro, Matteo Lelli and Alessio Savioli
  • Shallow ground improvement for a new rail depot / maintenance facility in SydneyBryn Thomas, Ben Dening and Kim Chan
  • Treatments of existing abutment RSW using permeation grouting and horizontal soil nailingBosco Poon, Kim Chan, Greg Saenger and Daniel Jones
  • Soil stabilization using lignosulfonateJayan S. Vinod, Buddhima Indraratna and Ana Heitor
  • Preloading ground improvement for an international container terminal project at Webb Dock Port MelbourneKejing Chen and Steven Roberts
  • Effects of stone column installationRichard Kelly and Chenhui Lee
  • Ground control for a deep basement excavation in Sydney’s GPO fault zoneDavid Oliveira and Geoffrey Chan
  • A case study of deep excavation and shoring design for Sydney Metro NorthwestQijing Jim Yang
  • An innovative geotechnical monitoring system for soft ground treatment on W2B Pacific Highway Upgrade ProjectHenry Zhang, Nicolas Gombault, Brian Choi
  • Consolidation and creep of soft estuarine clay in NewcastleRenardi Tanuwidjaja, Karen Oj, Sergei Terzaghi
  • Mechanical stabilization of unbound layers: effect of geogrids on low strain behaviour of granular materials and essential characteristics for optimum performance in permanent roadsTLH Oliver, M Horton and J Buckley

2017 Sydney Symposium

Geotechnical Innovations and Challenges for Transport Infrastructure

  • Natural hazards, risk, and the resilience of transportation infrastructure: an example of risk-based geotechnical asset managementScott A. Anderson, Mark J. Vessely and Ty Ortiz
  • Saving millions on retaining walls and revetments for depressed motorways in stiff unsaturated clayRichard Herraman
  • Slope risk analysis supporting post-disaster recovery: the 2016 Kaikōura EarthquakeTim Mote, Meg Wimberley, Mark Easton, Mark Skinner, Doug Mason, and Fergus Cheng
  • Managing the risks associated with acid sulfate rock in NSW road projectsNicholas Bridgement
  • Ground characterisation and performance of a sinking motorway, waterview connection project, New ZealandD.C. Bobei
  • Design of Railway Embankment over Soft GroundTheva Muttuvel and Tim Neville
  • Improving traffic load outcomes for impact assessment of existing pipes under new infrastructureSarath Somasundaram, Peter J. Waddell and Thu Minh Le
  • Novel pile design for multi-level car park above twin rail tunnelsThomas Miller and Chenhui Lee
  • Use of temporary anchors in reinforced soil wall construction for the M4 Motorway wideningTristan McWilliam and Loges Paramaguru
  • Application of semi-rigid composite permeable pavements in road networkAlireza Mohammadinia, Mahdi M. Disfani, Guillermo A. Narsilio, Prashastha Hemachandra, Lu Aye
  • Transition treatment design for bridge approach embankments – from a practitioner’s perspectiveJeff Hsi, Idy Li and Jason Surjadinata
  • Impact from the construction of a working platform and girder lifting operations on pile/column displacementsBosco Poon, Kim Chan, Luis Raúl Castañeda and AHM Kamruzzaman
  • Underpinning the Concord Road bridge under traffic – Westconnex M4 East ProjectPuvaneswary Rajarathnam, Toni Donegan, Sam Mirlatifi and Henk Buys
  • Some notes on the design of pile foundations in sedimentary rockQijing Yang