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Building 3D models of rock strength using geophysical logs

Through a series of projects funded by the Australian Coal Industry Research Association (ACARP), we have developed a rock mass rating scheme for coal measure rocks which draws upon the compositional data contained within the geophysical logs as well as the sonic data. The scheme is known as the Geophysical Strata Rating (GSR) and our …more

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Suvarnhabhumi Airport – from Cobra Swamp to Golden Land

Planning for a new international airport at Nong Ngu Hao (Cobra Swamp) was on and off since the 1970s. Finally action started in about 1993 with site clearance, some perimeter bund walls, and design of ground improvement for airport pavements. Stephen Buttling was involved with this, and also with an unsuccessful bid to design the …more

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2011 YGP Boat Cruise & Geo–aspects of Recent Brisbane Flooding

Tickets include: River City Buffet, Drinks and Business Card Draw with Prizes. For bookings and Information email: RSVP required by 10th April 2011

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Sustainable Development of Underground Space and the Reuse of Existing Foundations

It can be tempting to jump straight into the geotechnical aspects of a project without thinking about the bigger picture. Pressures for space mean that more developments are moving to marginal land such as soft soils, slopes, waterfronts and brownfield sites, each with their own particular set of geohazards. Rising land values and increasing congestion …more

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Slurry Wall Construction Current Technology and Case Studies

Geo-Solutions Inc is a world leader in geotechnical construction, specialising in slurry walls. Geo-Solutions and Menard Bachy as a partnership have completed numerous successful Australian projects including remediation of the former BHP Site in Mayfield. We are fortunate to have Chris in Newcastle in March to deliver a presentation outlining the latest slurry wall technologies …more

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Site Geotechnical Pty Ltd

Factory 1/17 Carbine WayMORNINGTONVIC 3931 Phone: 1300 557 260 admin#sitegeo*com*

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2009 Rankine Lecture: Geohazards & Large Geographically Distributed Systems

Geotechnical engineers play a critical role in managing the performance of large geographically distributed systems that are affected by geohazards such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and landslides. Systems, such as water supplies, levees, and gas and liquid fuel supply networks, may cover thousands of km2 and may be subject to many different ground response and …more

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Highwall Slope Stabilisation by the Softwall Method

Highwall slope instability related to large pit-ward dipping thrust fault occurred in a large strip coal mine in the Bowen Basin, Queensland. The inability to identify the location of thrusts and predict potential instability proved difficult. A series of highwall instability events developed into a 700m-long tension crack located 80m from the crest, resulting in …more

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Lecture (topic TBC) & Annual General Meeting

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GFWA Prize in Geomechanics for Final Year Undergraduates Projects in Geomechanics at Universities in Western Australia

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Managing Geotechnical Risks on Major Projects

The somewhat dismaying typical failure rates for projects with a heavy geotechnical component, and the reasons for those failure rates, will be discussed. The sources of the geotechnical risks that often lead to failure will be described and related to factors as diverse as the ground conditions, technical and analytical approaches, management structures and project …more

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AGS Seminar on Geotechnical Near-Misses and Failures

The Western Australian Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) is pleased to provide notice of a Seminar on Geotechnical Near-Misses and Failures. This seminar will present local and international case studies dealing with near-misses and failures in the geotechnical field. It is aimed at all geotechnical professionals, ranging form students and recent graduates to …more

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Pavement Materials and Design in WA

The talk will outline the different factors to be considered in the design of flexible pavements for Ports, Mine Haul Roads, Airports and low volume Highways and Local Roads. The special case of pavements over highly expansive clay (Gilgai) will be discussed. On solar salt crystallizers, the crystallized salt forms the pavement supporting harvesting and …more

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Developments in Transportation Geotechnics

The purpose of this seminar is to inform engineers about developments in geotechnical investigation and design for major projects. In accepting our invitation to open this seminar Luigi Rossi, Director of the South Road Superway project, writes: “I started working for the Highways Department constructing the Swanport Bridge in 1978. Since that time I have …more

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Foundation design in (dune) sand

This lecture will present some findings from the speaker’s experience of foundation research and design in dune sand. The lecture will include discussion of: Bored piles under lateral load Movements behind cantilevered embedded retaining walls Active and passive limits Skin friction and end bearing for bored piles Pile capacity changes with time Settlement of footings …more

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Geotechnical Challenges and Lessons

This talk will present an overview of many of the significant projects on which Andrew has worked. It will include discussion of the salient features and present the “take-away” lessons from a number of geotechnical projects; it will include discussion of the background to the development of the Landslide Risk Management framework for Australia, and …more

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2011 Symposium – Coastal and Marine Geotechnics: Foundations for Trade

The need to design safe foundations for offshore and near shore structures has generated greater interest in coastal and marine geotechnics, today an important element in geotechnical engineering. Achieving safe foundation design requires continuing evolution and discussion of design practices and construction techniques by geotechnical and marine professionals. The Symposium will present state-of-the-art practices, innovative …more

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Rankine Lecture – Geotechnical Stability Analysis

Presentation details Historically, geotechnical stability analysis has been performed by a variety of approximate methods that are based on the notion of limit equilibrium. Although they appeal to engineering intuition, these techniques have a number of major disadvantages, not the least of which is the need to presuppose an appropriate failure mechanism in advance. This …more

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Recent Development in Seismic Hazard Assessment in Australia

Outline of the presentation Earthquakes in Australia – more frequent than in most “stable” continents Improved models for describing earthquake occurrence rates in Australia New information about active faults in Australia New ground motion prediction models including response spectrum Effect of shear wave velocity of foundation soil or rock on ground motion level has not …more

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