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Evolution of Submarine Landslides

Abstract Large underwater landslides represent a major geohazard, due to their devastating consequences and tsunami generation potential. Evidence from historic events shows that these submarine landslides can be tens of kilometres in length at very low slope inclinations. It is highly unlikely that slip surfaces of such great dimension could appear simultaneously along a slope’s …more

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Monitoring Equipment & Interpretation Workshop

Monitoring Equipment & Interpretation: Theory, use & practical application in the Mining & Civil industries This course aims to provide information on the use of geotechnical monitoring equipment in different applications to professionals working in the civil and mining industry. Although the subject is covered during formal education, advancing technologies continue to expand the ability for monitoring …more

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Jack Morgan Young Geotechnical Practitioners Award 2015 Presentations

Shortlisted Candidates’ Presentations The Jack Morgan Award is presented biennially to an outstanding Victorian geotechnical practitioner under the age of 35. This year, three applicants have been shortlisted to give 20 minute presentations on their chosen topic and an expert panel will judge each candidate on their contribution to geotechnics and understanding of geotechnical issues. …more

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Energy piles: Developments and common construction practices in Europe

Abstract Energy piles offer the opportunity to make dual use of our building foundations. As well as providing essential structural support to the overlying building, energy piles are also equipped with plastic heat transfer pipes to allow connection to a ground source heat pump system. In this way the foundations can also contribute to the …more

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Geofabrics Australia Pty Ltd

125 Wolston Road SUMMER PARK QLD 4074 Phone: 0419 231 966

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SMEC Australia Pty Ltd

Level 5 20 Berry St NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2060 Phone: (02) 9925 5555

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Simplified models for wave-induced dynamic soil response around marine infrastructures.

Abstract The evaluation of the wave-induced dynamic soil response is particularly important for coastal and geotechnical engineers involved in the design of foundation of marine infrastructures. Seabed instability such as liquefaction occurs because the cyclic loading and the resultant interaction between the pore fluid and soil particles. This seminar will first introduce the analytical approximation …more

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Impact of Construction Induced Ground Movements on Performance of Existing Piles

Abstract When new developments are located in close proximity to existing structures and facilities, one important consideration for design and construction is the potential impact of the new work on the existing facilities during and after construction.  In particular, this consideration is critical when the site is located in areas where the subsoils can displace …more

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Landslides, Risk Concepts and Case Studies

About the Presentation The presentation includes an overview of landslide types, mechanisms and discusses the role of preparatory factors and triggering causes in landslide occurrence. A brief history of Landslide Risk Management (LRM) in Australia is provided as background to a discussion of the Australian Geomechanics Society’s (AGS) 2000 and 2007 LRM Guidelines. A discussion …more

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Measuring the pressure induced by bench blasting and deciphering explosive performance through rockmass response analysis

Abstract Rockmass response analysis in blasting is an important element for determining the performance of a blast along with its other outcomes. Near-field monitoring for rockmass response analysis is vital for determining the behaviour of a blast. However, due to costly and cumbersome methods involved in such measurements the subject has received scant attention so …more

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Quantifying quantitative rock fall risk – How many rocks? How far?

Abstract AGS Landslide Risk Management Guidelines require that quantitative risk assessment be undertaken where there is a risk to life. When it comes to rock fall risk, a meaningful quantitative risk assessment often requires quantification of both boulder generation rates and travel distances. Three case studies are discussed each presenting methods of quantifying risk with …more

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Soil and Rock Logging Course – SYD

About the course. Next course in Sydney is on 11th of September 2015. SYD SRL Course Flyer and Registration Form

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Advances in Earthquake Engineering post the 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes

Talking Points Dr Gary Chapman, a principal Geotechnical Engineer with Golder Associates, has been working closely with the Golder Associates’ Christchurch office since the 2011 earthquakes. His presentation will outline some of the learnings that have come out of the disaster and the  work that has been carried out in the design of new buildings …more

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Soil and Rock Logging Course – WA

About the course. Next course is in Perth on 7th of August 2015. WA SRL Course Flyer and Registration Form

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Soil and Rock Logging Course – TAS

About the course. Next course in Hobart is on 18th of September 2015. TAS SRL Course Flyer and Registration Form

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Reliability-Based Geotechnical Design:
From Theory to Practice

Abstract Geotechnical design codes are increasingly migrating towards reliability-based design concepts. What this means is that geotechnical designs are starting to be specifically targeted at a failure probability that is societally acceptable and that depends on both the severity of failure consequences and the level of understanding of the site and prediction model. For example, …more

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2014 Terzaghi Lecture: Energy Geotechnology:
Enabling New Insights into Soil Behaviour

Abstract Energy is critical to life, and the coming decades will see worldwide population growth and associated economic development that will result in a pronounced increase in energy demand. Historically, geotechnical engineering has been crucial to projects that have sustained societal transformations. Once again, geotechnical engineering has a central role to play in the evolving …more

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The Performance Characteristics of Granular Base using a Laboratory Wheel Tracking Device

Abstract A new wheel-tracking machine has been developed to improve the characterisation of granular materials used in pavement construction. It was designed and manufactured in Australia within the framework of current European standard specifications developed for asphalt materials. The laboratory performance data collected to date indicates that the approach appears suitable to assess the rut …more

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Prediction of the excavation damaged zone in Callovo-Oxfordian claystone using a coupled second gradient model

Abstract The solution currently studied in France for long-term management of radioactive waste is the repository in deep argillaceous geological media with low permeability. The drilling of underground galleries in these clayey rocks induces damage propagation in the surrounding medium. This excavation process creates a damaged zone, in which the material properties are modified. The …more

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E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Newcastle

Introduction This biennial lecture commemorates the work in geomechanics by Professor Edward Hughesdon Davis. Professor Davis was one of the pioneers of geomechanics in Australia. He perceived that progress and understanding of the theoretical basis of geomechanics would only come if consistent, sound, but simple models of soil behaviour were used. The two topics that …more

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