E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture

This biennial lecture commemorates the work in geomechanics by Professor Edward Hughesdon Davis. Professor Davis was one of the pioneers of geomechanics in Australia. He perceived that progress and understanding of the theoretical basis of geomechanics would only come if consistent, sound, but simple models of soil behaviour were used. The two topics that were the central focus of his research were the application of the theory of elasticity to foundation deformation and the theory of plasticity to stability. He also made a major contribution to the theory of consolidation of clay soils. Ted Davis was always extremely conscious of the link between theory and practice, the relationship between the idealised and the real material, and the engineering significance of his work.

Basis of the award

The lecturer is a person selected by the National Committee as having made a distinguished recent advancement to geomechanics knowledge in Australia.


Nominations should be made through the Chapter Committees, or by individuals, to the secretary of the National Committee, following a call for submissions in Australian Geomechanics. Determination of the award is by a subcommittee of the National Committee. The nominee is expected to be a member of the Australian Geomechanics Society.


The Chairman of the National Committee shall promulgate a sub-committee of 3 members of the National Committee to consider nominations for the award.


In the first instance, the Lecturer’s presentation is made separately to a meeting of members of the Sydney Chapter and the Victorian Chapter of the Society. At one of those meetings, the award memento will be presented by the National Committee, or as otherwise arranged. The memento consists of a framed certificate and a glass plaque. The Lecture may be presented at other Chapter meetings, subject to individual arrangements.

Past winners

The award was first made in 1985.