Laboratory Testing, Theory and Practical Application (COURSE FULL)

The course aims to provide information on geotechnical laboratory testing methods to professionals working in the civil and mining industry. Although the subject is often taught during formal education, the actual implementation of that knowledge is not always straight forward. Some of the issues that will be covered in this workshop are: Soil classification and …more

Rebuilding Angola – Geotechnical Challenges

Abstract Following independence from Portugal in 1975, Angola was ravaged by a civil war which lasted until 2002. Much infrastructure was damaged or destroyed and large numbers of refugees were displaced to the relative safety of major cities. The population of the capital, Luanda grew from 0.5M to 5M during the war, most of the …more

AGS QLD AGM & Annual Dinner

Come and join us at the AGS annual dinner to celebrate the success of Australian Geomechanics Society Queensland Chapter in 2015. It is the perfect time to reflect on how we have performed in the past year. The call is out for active committee members 2016 with open nominations for next year. Consider getting involved …more

The Manefay Failure at Bingham Canyon Mine:
investigation outcomes and lessons

Presented by:AusIMM QLD Branch with the AGS QLD Chapter On 10 April 2013 Rio Tinto’s Bingham Canyon open-pit copper mine experienced what we understand is the world’s largest ever in-pit slope failure.  With slope monitoring data, the failure was identified some months prior to failure and mining operations ceased in the area of concern.  Once the …more

54th Rankine Lecture (2014):
Interactions in Offshore Foundation Design

Abstract Offshore foundation design has been a research topic with direct practical applications for a number of decades, with the increasing need to generate power by harvesting offshore wind presenting new challenges. The lecture will use examples from offshore foundation design to illustrate important areas: (a) where geotechnical engineers need to address engineering problems in …more

Quiz Night Fundraiser for Nepal

Getting Social for Nepal Come join us to celebrate a year of successful AGS events with Nepalese cuisine, games, and a quiz. The evening will also be a fundraiser for the Nepal earthquake with all proceeds going towards the Nepal Relief Fund. The evening will include a 3 course banquet created especially for this occasion …more

Well, what is the strength of unsaturated clay?

Talking Points There are several equations for the shear strength of unsaturated clay. Which is best? How do you get the numbers to put into them? How do you use them for design? This talk is a journey, starting with a trip down memory lane, traversing steep cuttings while retaining a sense of humour, then …more

Laboratory Testing of Expansive Soils Seminar

Who Should Attend and Why? Identifying and managing the risks associated with problematic soils is essential for the geotechnical engineer. Across much of metropolitan Adelaide, the presence of expansive clay soils means that practising geotechnical and structural engineers need to have an awareness and understanding of the requirements for specifying, undertaking and interpreting laboratory testing …more

Young Geotechnical Professional’s Event

Showcasing Young Geotechnical Professionals & Students The July meeting of the South Australian Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society will consist of presentations by young geotechnical professionals and students. The meeting will follow the format of the ten previous Australian and New Zealand Young Geotechnical Professionals Conferences. Meeting Aims To enhance professional development by sharing …more

A Systems Approach to Verifying Driven Pile Foundations

Talking Points Over the past 30 years, dynamic pile testing (PDA) has become a generally accepted technique for verification of driven pile capacities in Australia. In the vast majority of projects, the technique is specified as a quick, inexpensive and generally reliable method for proof load testing for contractual verification. That being said, the implementation …more

Seepage, Erosion and Piping.

Abstract “It’s not the soil that causes problems in geotechnical engineering – it’s the water in the soil”. This statement was made to Matthew Duthy by one of his former bosses, and it has stuck in Matthew’s head ever since. Water in soil causes a number of problems in geotechnical engineering, but the focus for …more

AGM, Chair’s Address, Annual Dinner and Guest Speaker

The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society invite you to their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 25 November, followed by their Annual Dinner. During the AGM the outgoing chair Jeremy Barber will give a presentation and we are proud to welcome Associate Professor Stephen Gallagher of the University of Melbourne to talk to us …more

Joint AGS/Structural Meeting:
Residential Slabs on Reactive Soils

Abstract Site classification is the key to a successful design, however it is fraught with uncertainty, partly because of the economics of house construction. The classifier must use judgement and available knowledge to classify a greenfield site. Then there are earthworks to consider, which may alter the classification. Designers need to be aware of the …more