Development in Pile Testing

Australia probably qualifies as one of the countries which carry out the lowest number of static pile load tests each year. When a contractor was asked in 2007 “How many pile load tests have failed to reach their design capacity?” he replied, “I don’t know, we don’t do any”. The Osterberg Cell, or O-cell test …more

Geotechnical Site Exploration and GeoEngineering Education in 2013 and Beyond

The best available program for geotechnical site exploration involves a blend of rotary drilling and sampling operations, laboratory testing, in-situ field tests, and geophysical measurements, all taken within the context of engineering geology. Yet, this is only viable when sufficient funds and time are available, specifically large or critical projects. Thus, for everyday routine site …more

The Foundation Lectures: In-situ Testing

CPTU: Theory, Application and Interpretation The course aims to educate professionals working in geosciences, environmental sciences and civil and mining construction in the field of in‐situ testing. Often overlooked as a tool or method to obtain information about the sub‐ surface conditions, this one day course aims to provide a basis and appreciation of the …more

Logging of Core for Mining Purposes with emphasis on the CoalLog Manual

The course aims to (further) educate geotechnical / environmental engineers, geologists and geotechnicians who find themselves logging and/or interpreting soil and rock logs in a Mining Environment and more specifically a Coal Mining Environment. The content assumes that the participants already have a basic understanding of soil and rock logging. The course is particularly relevant …more

Annual AGS Dinner

Come and join us at the AGS annual dinner to celebrate the success of Australian Geomechanics Society Queensland Chapter. It is the perfect time to reflect on how we have performed in the past year and open the nominations for 2014 AGS QLD committee. Peter Hollingsworth is the honoured speaker of the night and will …more

2013 AGS QLD Boat Cruise

The AGS Queensland Chapter is pleased to invite members and colleagues to our 2013 Boat Cruise. Join us as we cruise the Brisbane River on Friday November 1 and enjoy an entertaining presentation, river city buffet, drinks and a business card draw with prizes. The cruise will depart from Mowbray Park at 6pm sharp. Please …more

52nd Rankine Lecture: Performance-Based Design In Geotechnical Engineering

Engineering design consists of a sequence of decisions which should satisfy the client’s objective performance requirements. This lecture will argue that an assessment of geotechnical performance must involve ground displacements, and that the traditional approach of specifying safety factors is potentially wasteful. In particular, the Limit State Design (LSD) approach adopted in the Eurocodes will …more

E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture 2012: Combined Loading Of Offshore Foundations

Predicting the bearing capacity of a foundation under combined vertical (V), horizontal (H) and moment (M) loads is a fundamental soil mechanics problem. Traditional solutions utilise ad-hoc adjustment factors to reduce the pure vertical bearing capacity in order to account for inclination, eccentricity, foundation shape and soil strength gradients. These procedures have their roots in …more

WIEQ joint event

The AGS Queensland chapter and Women in Engineering Queensland group proudly present the annual AGS‐WIE joint networking and technical evening. The event will feature presentations from wide range of geotechnical topics. Please see below a short profile of the invited speakers and the topic of their talks. Natalie Campbell, Geotechnical Engineer SKM Brisbane Natalie completed …more

ATS: Tunnelling Under Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House Vehicle Access and Pedestrian Safety (SOH VAPS) project is a $110 million project being completed by the Sydney Opera House Trust. The main goal of the project is to remove service vehicles from the forecourt of the entertainment precinct which receives close to 10 million visitors each year. It involves the …more

A Window Into Some Of The Challenges And Joys Accompanying Four Decades Of Geomechanics Practice

Andrew’s presentation will cover: salient features and “take-away” lessons from some of the geotechnical projects selected from his portfolio over the last four decades; background to the development of the Landslide Risk Management framework for Australia, dealing more with the challenges and issues in bringing the framework to fruition than specifically the guidelines themselves; and …more

Probabalistic Techniques in Geotechnical Modelling – Which one should you use?

Predictions of performance are at the core of geotechnical engineering design. Predictions based solely on deterministic analyses suffer from unquantifiable uncertainties and the implied absoluteness of the prediction. On the other hand, probabilistic estimates suffer from being vague, which is unsettling to most geotechnical engineers. Combining deterministic and probabilistic analyses offers synergies that are best …more

Field Trip: Adelaide Oval and the Riverbank Precinct

The Riverbank Precinct is one of Adelaide’s iconic spaces incorporating panoramic views across the River Torrens, the North Adelaide parklands, Adelaide Oval and Memorial Drive. The redevelopment of the Riverbank Precinct is one of Adelaide’s largest and most significant urban renewal initiatives that will see expansion of the Adelaide Convention Centre, improved pedestrian accessibility and …more