POSTPONED Darwin Soil and Rock Logging Course – AS1726 Geotechnical Investigations

THIS COURSE HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL 2013Details will be made available on the site. The South Australian/Northern Territory Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) provides notice of a course to be held on Soil and Rock Logging. The one day course will aim to educate geotechnical engineers, geologists, geo-technicians and other relevant professionals in …more

Geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures for railways and highways in Japan

Geosynthetic-reinforced soil retaining walls (GRS-RWs) have been constructed for a total length of more than 130 km for mainly railways, including high-speed train lines, as well as for highways. With these GRS RWs, a full-height rigid (FHR) facing is constructed after a full-height wrapped-around geosynthetic-reinforced soil walls has been constructed and the major residual deformation …more

Geotechnical Practitioner of the Year 2010 and Civil Engineer of the Year 2011

Andrew’s presentation will cover: Salient features and “take-away” lessons from some of the geotechnical projects selected from his portfolio over the last 4 decades; Background to the development of the Landslide Risk Management framework for Australia, dealing more with the challenges and issues in bringing the framework to fruition than specifically the guidelines themselves; and …more

Geotechnical Practitioner of the Year 2010 and Civil Engineer of the Year 2011

Andrew is the current AGS Geotechnical Practitioner of the Year and Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year. These are both prestigious awards within Australian engineering. The Civil Engineer of the Year award is presented annually by the Civil College of Engineers Australia to an eminent Civil Engineer considered to have made a major …more

AGS SA/NT Annual Awards and Social Function

This year our annual dinner promises to be a treat. It is to be held at the Sagarmatha Nepali Restaurant, Payneham Road, Stepney, an award winning restaurant. In addition to eating fine food we will be presenting awards to several colleagues who’ve given exemplary service to our society over many years. You are cordially invited.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Ground Anchors and Piling Innovations

Ancorloc (SA) products are used in all situations from low impact installations, including vine end posts and shade sails, up to large complex applications such as securing heavy machinery to factory floors and stabilising power and wind farm towers. An overview of Anchorloc systems and applications will be presented. Piling Contractors Pty Ltd operates in …more

Young Geotechnical Professionals Evening

Dana Ippolito, Bo Wang, Stephen Carr, Geyashwi Bhowany (University of Adelaide) An Improved Estimated of In-situ CBR using Artificial Intelligence Modeling Sam Muirhead (Parsons Brinckerhoff) Lime Stabilisation in railway track formation design for Seaford Rail Extension Robbie Geodecke (University of Adelaide) Remediation of Contaminated Land, Case Study Love Canal, NYS Warren Dowd (Coffey Geotechnics) Near …more

51st Rankine Lecture – Geotechnical Stability Analysis

Historically, geotechnical stability analysis has been performed by a variety of approximate methods that are based on the notion of limit equilibrium. Although they appeal to engineering intuition, these techniques have a number of major disadvantages, not the least of which is the need to presuppose an appropriate failure mechanism in advance. This feature can …more

Piers in Reactive Clay Soils

Design of pier and grade beam foundations in highly expansive soils is one of the most important and challenging aspects of geotechnical engineering. Existing design methods consider only uniform soil profiles, and piers with limited length to diameter ratios. These methods are restricted with regard to evaluation of more complex aspects of pier heave. A …more

Reducing CAPEX by Managing Geotechnical Risk on Projects

Symposium Booklet Directions to the Myer Centre carpark Whole day seminar with drinks and networking opportunities afterwards. Welcome Speech and Opening comments, by Organising Chair Keynote Speaker, Andrew Leventhal (GHD Geotechnics) & ndash; “Presentation by AGS GYP 2010 and CEY 2011” Maurice Frazer (Fraser Geologics NZ) – “Canterbury Earthquakes, Christchurch, NZ: Retaining Wall Damage and …more

Culvert and sewer deterioration and repair using polymer liners

One Day Workshop Central to the maintenance of human health is the supply of safe drinking water and the disposal of wastewater. Much of our water supply and water removal infrastructure is now in poor condition, and civil engineers and the society they serve face an increasing challenge to maintain these basic services. Aging infrastructure …more

Soil and Rock Logging – AS1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations

The course aims to educate geotechnical, environmental engineers, geologists and geotechnicians who find themselves logging and/or interpreting soil and rock logs in accordance with AS 1726 – Geotechnical Site Investigations. The content assumed that the participants already have a basic understanding of soil and rock logging. The course is particularly relevant to professionals starting their …more