Engineering Characteristics of Interesting South Australian Soils – Woomera, St Kilda And Glanville Formations (Joint Meeting with the S.A. Footings Group)

Woomera: The soil conditions of the Woomera area are a reminder that every project requires a site specific geotechnical investigation. Don Richardson discussed interesting aspects of ground engineering in the Woomera area, such as gilgai formations, gypsum, soil suction and ground movements. St Kilda and Glanville Formations (Geology): Tony Belpirio discussed the geological characteristics of …more

1995 E. H. Davis Memorial Lecture Video Presentation

Due to a late cancellation of a scheduled speaker, it was decided to show a video of the 1995 E. H. Davis Memorial Lecture Presentation by the Late Prof. John Booker. Many of the audience had not seen the lecture previously and appreciated the opportunity of seeing John’s presentation.

The G-Pile Foundation System

The G-Pile System of pile construction was developed in South-East Asia where it has been widely used. It was introduced into Australia in 1998 by the Australasian Piling Company. The G-Pile system is a hydraulic jacking pile installation that uses a patented grip (hence the name G-Pile for grip pile) to inject the pile into …more

Annual Half-Day Seminar – Ground Engineering Risk

Speakers include: Dr. Peter Redman, Don Richardson, Judy Carr, Bruce Bate, Luigi Rossi, John Woodside, Peter Fisher, Dr. Mark Jaksa, Richard Cavagnaro, Richard Herraman The aims of the half-day seminar were: To share how different stakeholders perceive and manage ground engineering risk; To understand better the constraints under which different stakeholders operate; To identify collective …more

Southern Expressway Stage I – Pavement Design and Construction

Stage 1 of the Southern Expressway project between Darlington and Reynella has been one of the most significant road projects in recent times from environmental, geotechnical and pavement design aspects. Over the past year there have been very interesting presentations on the former two of these issues. In this month’s talk Rob Bremert presented the …more

Site visit

The site visit included a tour of the recent construction along the Glenelg to West Beach foreshore including the Glenelg foreshore development, the West Beach marina, Tapleys Hill Road Deviation and the Adelaide Airport runway extension.

Young Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting

Speakers include: Neil Schunke, Chris Hughes, Klayton Stivers, Julianne Martin, Nigel Brooks Five young geotechnical engineering graduates and students individually gave a 10 minute presentation on a range of interesting projects. Members of the Committee adjudicated that Klay Stivers, URS, Adelaide was the winner was presented with a certificate and a $250 cash prize.

Annual Half-Day Seminar – Recent Developments in Piling

Prof. Harry Poulos: Recent Developments in Piling and Ground Movement Around Piles Ray McMillan: 50 Years of Piling Peter Mitchell: Site Investigation and Assessment of Piling Options Paul Moritz: Piling Specifications: Good and Bad Slav Tchepak: Developments in Concrete Injected Piles Nicholas Morgan: Piling for the Pelican Point Project Michael Vadasz: The G-Pile System Prof. …more

Application of Pressure Injection

This presentation discussed a number of geotechnical projects in which the Pressure Injection Process has been used. These projects include railway and road stabilisation and contaminated ground remediation. According to the contractor, the range of uses for the process are limited only by the imagination. The presentation also presented some procedures that, although not yet …more

Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Adam Kilsby: Contaminated Soil – Take it or Leave it The viability of redeveloping ‘brown fields’ sites within South Australia can be significantly influenced by residual soil contamination associated with past land use. The viability is particularly relevant for residential developments on former commercial/industrial sites, where changing the land use to one more sensitive can …more

40th Rankine Lecture Nonlinear Soil Stiffness in Routine Design

Over the past 30 years or so the fundamental non-linear stress-strain behaviour of soils and soft rocks has been established by laboratory and in situ tests leading to development of new theoretical models for soil behaviour and complex numerical analyses. But for much day-to-day practice, ground engineers do not need such complex and detailed methods …more

Design of Large Underground Excavations

In Australia, large underground excavations for Civil Engineering purposes have traditionally been associated with hydroelectric installations. However, these excavations are now becoming more common and will continue to do so. In the mining industry, large underground excavations are common and many of the principles used and rock mechanics issues considered when designing these excavations are …more

Visitors Night

Each year, the last meeting is devoted to a social event where members and others are encouraged to bring along their wives and partners for a fine and inexpensive meal. The evening includes a non-technical presentation.

Young Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting

A number of young geotechnical engineering graduates and students will individually give a 10 minute presentation on a range of interesting projects. Members of the Committee will adjudicate and the winner will be presented with a certificate and a $250 cash prize.

Latest Advances in Geofabrics and Geogrids

Geotextiles have been used in Australia for over 30 years for a range of applications including subsurface drainage, roadway separation, roadway stabilization, permanent erosion control, temporary silt fences and under paving. Key developments in the local industry occurred in the 1980s when Geofabrics Australasia set up a facility in Albury to produce the non-woven Bidim …more