The Use of the Dilatometer Test (DMT) in Soil Investigation and in Geotechnical Design

The seminar gave a general overview of the DMT and its design applications; indications and guidelines for the proper execution of the DMT; and highlighted a number of significant recent findings and practical developments. Attention was mostly focused on the application of the DMT to the following engineering problems: settlements prediction; determination of flow parameters …more

Chek Lap Kok Airport Hong Kong

In 1990 the Hong Kong Government launched the Airport Core Programme to provide a new international airport together with nine associated projects at a total cost of over twenty billion US dollars, making it one of the world’s largest infrastructure developments. The completion of the New Hong Kong International Airport in only seven years and …more

Underground Design in the SA Opal Fields

Since their discovery in 1915, the opal fields around Coober Pedy, Lambina, Mintabbie and Andamooka have been the largest producer of precious opal in the world. It is estimated that, up to the late 80s, they produced in excess of $25 million of rough opal per year, which represented about 80% of Australian and 75% …more

The Lost Art of Engineering Geological Mapping

Engineering geological and geomorphological mapping is an essential part of the investigation, design, and construction of most projects, yet this crucial activity is often carried out in a haphazard manner or even omitted. Sometimes this is because project managers are simply unaware of the value that mapping contributes. Some examples of the potential consequences of …more

Thredbo Landslide

The Thredbo Landslide, although very small by most standards, was Australia’s most significant landslide in terms of societal impact with the highest death toll (18 people) and probably the highest indirect economic loss. The official report on the tragedy by the Coroner found: “The Alpine Way fill embankment which ran… above Thredbo Village was in …more

Site Visit: Southern Expressway

Stage 2 will extend the Southern Expressway by 12 kms from Reynella at the northern end, to Main South Roan at the southern end. Completion, at a cost of $76.5 million, will allow traffic to bypass 15 sets of traffic lights thereby saving 10 minutes in travel time. The Expressway includes 2 lanes, a stopping …more

Visitors Night: Building Faith

Held at: Middle Eastern Cultural House, 126 Henley Beach Rd, Torrensville. Istanbul, Seville, Jerusalem, Delhi… each city conjures a host of images at once exotic, enchanting and mysterious. This richly illustrated presentation explored such cities in relation to the emergence and diffusion of Islam. The emphasis is on architecture. Katherine argued that Islamic architecture is …more

Young Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting

A number of young geotechnical engineering graduates and students will individually give a 10 minute presentation on a range of interesting projects. Members of the Committee will adjudicate and the winner will be presented with a certificate and a $300 cash prize. Aaron O’Malley – Soil moisture and soil movement in an urban development on …more

“A Tale of Two Dams” Thorndon Park & Hope Valley

Thorndon Park and Hope Valley Dams were the first and second water supply dams constructed for the City of Adelaide circa 1860 and 1870, respectively. Both dams were constructed in a rural environment without provision to prevent internal erosion (piping) type failures. Thorndon Park is currently part of a City of Campbelltown recreation park and …more

Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of the Construction of the Barcoo Outlet

The Barcoo stormwater outlet project involved the construction of a cut-and-cover concrete culvert from the waters of the Patawalonga, through the sand dunes at West Beach, to a distance of around 200 m out into the Gulf St Vincent. The precast concrete culvert allows the movement of stormwater from the Patawalonga out to the Gulf. …more

Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of the Bath CSO Project, England

In this talk, Matthew Duthy presented a case study of a major civil engineering project with which he was involved while working for Binnie Black & Veatch plc (BB&V) in the United Kingdom. The Bath Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Project is an ambitious project to improve the performance of the sewerage system in Bath, England. …more

E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture: Soil – Structure Interaction

Often there has been a separation in the design of foundations for buildings into the structural component and the foundation. Structural engineers have tended to use simple soil models such as springs to represent the foundation, while foundation engineers have often neglected the foundation stiffness and treated the structural as being perfectly flexible. However, it …more

Construction of the Suez Canal

The earliest project to connect the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea dates back to 1920 BC. Construction of the Suez Canal, which commenced in 1859, has had a major impact on Egypt’s modern history, as it resulted in Egypt becoming bankrupt in 1876, and being occupied in 1882 and later engaged in four wars.. …more

Site Visit: Southern Metropolitan Coastal Stability

In 2001, Golder Associates was engaged by the City of Onkaparinga to assess the risk of instability along its coastline, which runs for around 35 km from Sellicks Beach at its southern end to near the O’Sullivans Beach refinery at its northern. An inspection of the coast from a boat was used as well as …more

Visitors Night

This year’s visitors talk was titled: “The life of a peasant winemaker in the Adelaide Hills or An insight into the insanity required to run a micro-boutique winery in the Adelaide Hills” Held at: Bistro 49, 49 Mt Barker Road, Stirling. John describes himself as Vineyard Manager / Hand, Winemaker, Cellar Hand, Office Manager, Advertising …more

Young Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting

In 2003, three young geotechnical engineering graduates and students individually gave a 10 minute presentation on a range of interesting projects. Members of the Committee adjudicated that the 3 presenters were all worthy winners of the Award and they were each presented with a certificate and a $100 cash prize. Brendan Scott, Witton Bluff Stabilisation …more