Rankine Lecture: Stiffness at Small Strain – Research and Practice

The rapid development of computing power and of numerical modeling software over the past forty years has made sophisticated analysis of geotechnical problems accessible to most practicing engineers. Typically computer packages now offer a wide range of constitutive models, which the design engineer needs to choose between, and then obtain parameters for. For those structures …more

Soils, Footing Designs and Climate Change

You receive a Brief for a project where the client states “the consultant shall address the effect of climate change predictions on the project”. How will you deal with this challenge? Dr Peter Mitchell will outline an approach to this question by describing the predictions of climate change in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and the …more

2009 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture: Recent Advances in the Application of Vertical Drains and Vacuum Preloading in Soft Soil Stabilization

Much of the world’s essential infrastructure is built along congested coastal belts composed of highly compressible and weak soils up to significant depths. Alluvial and marine soft clay deposits have very low bearing capacity and excessive settlement characteristics, with direct design and maintenance implications on tall structures, large commercial buildings, as well as port and …more

Pizza & Videos Night

Presentation details The production of high quality, engineering related documentaries has increased greatly over the last 5 to 10 years. You may have seen some of these on free to air television, while many others are only available on pay television or DVD and hence may be unfamiliar to you. Through the agency of Australian …more

AS 2159-2009: A Brief Outline

The revised Standard “Piling — design and installation”, referred to locally as the Australian piling code, was introduced in late 2009. The changes from the 1978 Standard to the 1995 Standard were major, with the introduction of limit state analysis among other significant changes. AS 2159-2009 has continued that trend, with major changes throughout the …more

In Situ Testing

Allan McConnell will discuss in situ geotechnical testing. The underlying theme will be “reducing geotechnical uncertainty”. The presentation will be a “warts and all” dialogue, covering: What is reasonably available to a geo-engineer in Australia. What is it good for – and strengths and weaknesses. How good is it really? Why does it help to …more

Pavement Design And Construction For Airfields And Container Terminals

This presentation will cover a range of pavement types – concrete, asphalt and interlocking concrete blocks. The particular differences between road and aircraft / container pavements will be highlighted. The background to the design methods will be presented along with a discussion of examples.