An Introduction to Cross-hole Sonic Logging of Concrete in Drilled Piers

Cross-hole Sonic Logging is a non-destructive quality assurance method that is used to assess the integrity of bored piles, barrettes and slurry walls, and is based on ultrasonic pulse velocity and attenuation measurements along the length of the structure. The technique is widely used in the United States of America, Europe and certain Asian countries. …more

A Case Study of Abandoned Mine Subsidence at Dominion, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2002-2003

Mining subsidence over shallow abandoned coal mine workings is unfortunately not an uncommon experience in the coalfields of North America, and there is a significant knowledge and literature base addressing the phenomenon and related issues. From time to time, however, a case history arises which is outside the more routine occurrence. This presentation looks at …more

Jack Morgan Award Presentations

The Jack Morgan Young Geotechnical Practitioners Award will be presented to an outstanding Victorian geotechnical practitioner under the age of 35 on 9th November 2011. The four candidates shortlisted from a strong field of applications are listed below. Each candidate will present on a project they have been involved with, describing their contribution to geomechanics …more

Light Weight Deflectometer – Measuring Dynamic Modulus and CBR on-site Immediately

The Light Weight Deflectometer can be used for measuring the bearing capacity (deflection) and insitu CBR of subgrade/subsoils and unbound granular base layers, granular layers and backfilling materials. Robin’s talk will cover the following topics; What is the Light Weight Deflectometer What does it do? Where did the Light Weight Deflectometer come from? What does …more