Foundation design in (dune) sand

This lecture will present some findings from the speaker’s experience of foundation research and design in dune sand. The lecture will include discussion of: Bored piles under lateral load Movements behind cantilevered embedded retaining walls Active and passive limits Skin friction and end bearing for bored piles Pile capacity changes with time Settlement of footings …more

Geotechnical Challenges and Lessons

This talk will present an overview of many of the significant projects on which Andrew has worked. It will include discussion of the salient features and present the “take-away” lessons from a number of geotechnical projects; it will include discussion of the background to the development of the Landslide Risk Management framework for Australia, and …more

2011 Symposium – Coastal and Marine Geotechnics: Foundations for Trade

The need to design safe foundations for offshore and near shore structures has generated greater interest in coastal and marine geotechnics, today an important element in geotechnical engineering. Achieving safe foundation design requires continuing evolution and discussion of design practices and construction techniques by geotechnical and marine professionals. The Symposium will present state-of-the-art practices, innovative …more

Rankine Lecture – Geotechnical Stability Analysis

Presentation details Historically, geotechnical stability analysis has been performed by a variety of approximate methods that are based on the notion of limit equilibrium. Although they appeal to engineering intuition, these techniques have a number of major disadvantages, not the least of which is the need to presuppose an appropriate failure mechanism in advance. This …more

Recent Development in Seismic Hazard Assessment in Australia

Outline of the presentation Earthquakes in Australia – more frequent than in most “stable” continents Improved models for describing earthquake occurrence rates in Australia New information about active faults in Australia New ground motion prediction models including response spectrum Effect of shear wave velocity of foundation soil or rock on ground motion level has not …more

Soil and Rock Logging – AS 1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations

The course aims to educate geotechnical/environmental engineers, geologists and geotechnicians who find themselves logging and/or interpreting soil and rock logs in accordance with AS 1726 – Geotechnical Site Investigations. The content assumed that the participants already have a basic understanding of soil and rock logging. The course is particularly relevant to professionals starting their careers, …more

The Lessons From The Yallourn Enquiry

Presentation details The northern batter of the Yallourn mine collapsed suddenly on the 14th November 2007. The collapse had dramatic consequences with loss of 20% of Victoria’s power generation capacity and a cost to the mine measured in hundreds of millions of dollars. Because this was a surprise to government and because of the consequences, …more

Joint Technical Presentation / Social Evening, Women in Engineering and AGS

Join us for the annual Australian Geomechanics Society and Women in Engineering joint networking and technical evening. The event will feature short presentations ranging from a range of speakers – all promising to be very interesting. Please come along and support your colleagues, meet others in the industry locally, and hear some very inspiring speakers. …more

Evaluation of the Stability of an Arch Dam Founded on Fractured Rock

Antonio outlined a case study involving three dimensional finite element analysis of a 150m high arch dam founded on fractured Cretaceous limestone. Key constraints were limited abutment resistance and unfavourable defect orientation. Details of data acquisition including in situ rock mass shear testing were presented. The finite element analysis modelled discontinuities using individual joint elements …more