2000 Newcastle Meetings

Geotechnical Analysis

The design of any geotechnical structure of significance requires the quantification of safety and in some cases movements. To achieve this the designer must perform calculations using some form of analysis. At present there are several forms of analysis available, all of which involve simplifications and approximations. This lecture will begin by briefly comparing these …more

Tomago Mineral Sands Mining Project

This project was recently acknowledged by the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (ACEA) in their Engineering Excellence Awards for 1999. For the past 20 years Douglas Partners have been advisors the water authority (initially HWC, and subsequently DLWC) in monitoring the effects of mineral sands mining on the Tomago Sandbeds aquifer. The Sandbeds are also …more

Shear Strength and Stiffness of Silty Sand

The stiffness and shear strength of clean sands have been studied extensively. However, natural sands generally contain significant amounts of silt and/or clay. The mechanical response of such soils is different from that of clean sands. This lecture addresses the effects of non-plastic fines on the small-strain stiffness and shear strength of sands. A series …more

The mysteries of blast induced ground vibrations

There are often anomalies between the expected level and the actual monitored level of blast induced ground vibrations. The main theme of this talk highlights the effect of the degree of confinement of an explosive charge on the magnitude of the shock wave transmitted through the ground. An analysis of the energy distribution of an …more