2001 Newcastle Meetings

Assessment of regional landslide hazard

The process of assessment of the risk of landsliding involves consideration of the likelihood of a landslide event occurring and also the consequence of that event. A primary requirement is an estimation of the level of hazard that exists i.e. whether a landslide could occur, and if so, its probable frequency. This estimation is commonly …more

Geotechnical Anchoring Systems and GEWI Piles

The lecturer will first present a summary of the geotechnical anchoring systems offered by DYWIDAG-Systems International using bar and strand. The focus will then be on GEWI-Piles: a minipile system that uses steel Threadbars grouted in small drilled holes. The grout body encasing the Threadbar provides corrosion protection, enables load transfer into the rock or …more

Geotechnical Aspects of Kooragang Coal Terminal Stage 3 Expansion

The Stage 3 Expansion of the Kooragang Coal Terminal is a $345 million project, which will boost the coal exporting capacity of the Port of Newcastle from 77 million to 89 million tonnes per year. Port Waratah Coal Services appointed Bechtel Australia in July 1999 to design and construct the expansion. The key construction elements …more

Numerical Models of Tunnels and Tunnelling

Dr Charles Augarde is a Lecturer in Civil Engineering at the University of Durham. He obtained his DPhil at Oxford University, where he lectured until he moved to Durham. Dr Augarde has expertise in a number of areas, for example: 3D finite element modelling of geotechnical problems (such as tunnelling) Soil-structure interaction Behaviour of masonry …more