2002 Newcastle Meetings

Aspects of Development of Sydney Airport

The first significant development at Sydney Airport took place immediately after the Second World War when Cooks River was diverted to enable construction of the North-South and East-West Runways. This work was concluded in the late 1950’s by which time the present airport layout was essentially established. Since the early construction work at the Airport, …more

Mine Void Remediation for the West Charlestown Bypass, Newcastle

The earthworks associated with the West Charlestown Bypass in Newcastle are currently nearing completion. The project comprises 6km of dual carriageway motorway in an urban environment, extending from the Pacific Highway at Windale in the South to Charlestown Road, Kotara South, in the north. A 1km length of the Bypass, at the northern extent of …more

Maryland reactive Soils Field Site

Dr Stephen Fityus has a background in engineering geology and geotechnical engineering, from undergraduate studies in engineering and geology at the University of Newcastle. He worked for 4 years, mostly in the local geotechnical industry, before returning to the University of Newcastle to undertake his PhD on the topic of unsaturated soils, in which reactive …more

Seminars on Landslide Risk Management

In March 2000, the paper “Landslide Risk Management Concepts and Guidelines” was published in the journal Australian Geomechanics. The paper provides a benchmark for the terminology and methodology of Landslide Risk Management. The Coroner’s report on the 1997 Thredbo landslide recommended adoption of the paper. Emergency Management Australian (EMA) have identified the AGS 2000 Guidelines …more

E.H. Davis Lecture – Soil structure interaction

Often there has been a separation in the design of foundations for buildings into the structural component and the foundation. Structural engineers have tended to use simple soil models such as springs to represent the foundation, while foundation engineers have often neglected the foundation stiffness and treated the structural as being perfectly flexible. However, it …more

The environmental improvements of the Shingmun River, China

The Shing Mun River is a man-made flood water diversion channel constructed in the 1960s, passing through several major residential areas in the Kowloon / New Territories District of Hong Kong. Up until the early 1990s, the river has been the recipient of various forms of municipal and light industrial waste and discharge, resulting in …more

Construction of the Suez Canal

The earliest project to connect the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea dates back to 1920 BC. Construction of the Suez Canal, which commenced in 1859, has had a major impact on Egypts modern history, as it resulted in Egypt becoming backrupt in 1876, and being occupied in 1882 and later engaged in four wars. …more

Assessment of Regional Landslide Hazard

The process of assessment of the risk of landsliding involves consideration of the likelihood of a landslide event occurring and also the consequence of that event. A primary requirement is an estimation of the level of hazard that exists i.e. whether a landslide could occur, and if so, its probable frequency. This estimation is commonly …more