2003 Newcastle Meetings

Laboratory testing and hydromechanical behaviour of unsaturated soils

The presentation focuses on the hydro-mechanical behavior of unsaturated soils. It is a challenging area of research, from both experimental and theoretical point of view. The role of unsaturated soils is of paramount importance in the design of engineered barriers, in the collapsible and expansive behavior of fills and natural soils, in the driving mechanism …more

Coastal Change Monitoring using Geomatic Techniques

In recent years change monitoring has become an increasingly important issue, particularly for landforms and areas that are potentially hazardous to human life and assets. The coastal zone is currently a sensitive policy area for those involved with its management, as phenomena such as erosion and landslides affect the stability of both the natural and …more

Darwin to Alice… By Rail

The Alice Springs to Darwin rail link project has been 100 years in gestation and only became reality as a result of co-operation between Federal and State Governments and the investment of private enterprise. Tendering started in 1997 with preferred construction and management team the Asia Pacific Transport Corporation nominated out of short list of …more

2003 Darcy Lecture: Ground and surface water contributions to chemical mass discharge

Richelle presented the 2003 Darcy lecture, which included the results of investigation and modelling of the migration of agricultural chemicals to groundwater. The pathways by which agricultural chemicals (nonpoint pollutants) move from fields to streams vary in time, exemplified by work from the semi-arid Palouse River watershed in eastern Washington. Precipitation is strongly seasonal, occurring …more

Geotechnical Engineering in Antarctica

At least three Australian Geotechnical Engineers have visited Antarctica in the past eight years to conduct geotechnical investigations. Most recently, Sam was contracted by the Australian Antarctic Division to visit Davis Station for a period of five months over the 2002/2003 summer. The specific geotechnical issues associated with development in the cold regions of the …more

Two presentations

Properties of a model for the yield and flow of granular materials Dr David Harris, Department of Mathematics, UMIST, UK Some properties of a continuum model for yield and flow of granular materials are presented in which a physical quantity analogous to grain rotation is incorporated by using a reduced Cosserat model. The intrinsic spin …more

Tensile & compressive capacities of piles in sand under repeated loading

A series of pile load tests were carried out in a geotechnical test pit and in a geotechnical centrifuge to determine the shaft resistance in compression and in tension during repeated loading. In the geotechnical test pit open ended steel pipe piles were jacked into compacted moist sand and after eliminating the end bearing by …more

Poulos Lecture: Engineering Geological Challenges for the Active NZ Environment

New Zealand is a highly varied landmass with many different terrains displaying defective and difficult rock and soil masses crafted by a collection of hazardous geologic processes. This presents a unique challenge to engineering development. This talk offers a personal view of the contribution engineering geology has made to our understanding of this active New …more

Numerical Investigation into the influence of bored piles on existing tunnels

In the urban environment, deep foundations are often constructed in locations very close to existing tunnels. Many tunnels can often only tolerate minimal movements. Tunnel owners are concerned that the process of bored pile construction and/or the subsequent loading of the piles may cause intolerable movements or stress levels that might cause cracking of the …more

D H Trollope Lecture: The Mathematics of Engineering

Boundary conditions are critical to the solution of most differential equations encountered in the physical sciences and engineering. In many mathematical models great lengths are taken to derive and explain the governing differential equations, the boundary conditions seem to be an optional extra! It is an easy procedure to show how a small change in …more

Slope Stability Analysis & Risk by Finite Elements

The seminar started by briefly reviewing the power and advantages of the finite element method in tackling slope stability problems, especially in non-uniform soils. A closely related method called the Random Finite Element Method was described, which enables analyses to be made of slopes with highly non-uniform properties, in which the shear strength is described …more

Applications & Benefits of Cold Spray-Applied Membranes

Cold spray-applied membranes are an economic and practical solution for waterproofing of buildings, tunnels, canals, ponds and reservoirs, and as gas vapour barriers over industrial sites and sites affected by landfill gases. Membrane technologies have produced materials that are easy to apply, non-toxic, odourless, solvent free, with seamless application and high strength and bonding characteristics. …more