2012 Newcastle Meetings

Calculation of heave of deep pier foundations

Design of pier and grade beam foundations in highly expansive soils is one of the most important and challenging aspects of geotechnical engineering. Existing design methods consider only uniform soil profiles, and piers with limited length to diameter ratios. These methods are restricted with regard to evaluation of more complex aspects of pier heave. A …more

Culvert and sewer deterioration and repair using polymer liners

One Day Workshop Central to the maintenance of human health is the supply of safe drinking water and the disposal of wastewater. Much of our water supply and water removal infrastructure is now in poor condition, and civil engineers and the society they serve face an increasing challenge to maintain these basic services. Aging infrastructure …more

Geomechanics & Engineering

At the invitation from Don Cameron and the Footings Group SA, Professor Robert Lytton has agreed to conduct a lecture tour around Eastern Australia. The Housing Engineering, Design & Research Association, is organizing this tour with the help of the Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne chapters of the Australian Geomechanics Society, FFS Queensland, FFS …more

Grouting at Ipswich and Hunter Expressway

Abstract – Part 1 – Ipswich Motorway, Bill Holz The upgrade of one of Queensland’s busiest road transport corridors, the Ipswich Motorway, between Dinmore and Goodna by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) involved re-aligning the motorway corridor over two separate abandoned coal mines and adjacent a third. During the preliminary site …more

NSW Research Award Presentation

Experimental Investigations into Using Non-Destructive Techniques for Characterising Compacted Soil Ana Paula Heitor, University of Wollongong Conventional field compaction control methods, including nuclear gauge, sand cone and rubber balloon, perform well for controlling the compacted soil at time of placement; however because of their localised nature these techniques may not be suitable for deeper fills …more

Ground Improvement in the Christchurch Rebuild – A Contractor’s Perspective

The talk will present the perspective of a specialty geotechnical contractor, now active in Christchurch, on the working environment within the ongoing seismic activity of the region. Ground improvement methods applicable for the lifting/leveling and seismic mitigation of structures will be presented. Several case histories of work performed will be presented to include some aspects …more