2015 Newcastle Meetings

Measuring the pressure induced by bench blasting and deciphering explosive performance through rockmass response analysis

Abstract Rockmass response analysis in blasting is an important element for determining the performance of a blast along with its other outcomes. Near-field monitoring for rockmass response analysis is vital for determining the behaviour of a blast. However, due to costly and cumbersome methods involved in such measurements the subject has received scant attention so …more

Reliability-Based Geotechnical Design:
From Theory to Practice

Abstract Geotechnical design codes are increasingly migrating towards reliability-based design concepts. What this means is that geotechnical designs are starting to be specifically targeted at a failure probability that is societally acceptable and that depends on both the severity of failure consequences and the level of understanding of the site and prediction model. For example, …more

Prediction of the excavation damaged zone in Callovo-Oxfordian claystone using a coupled second gradient model

Abstract The solution currently studied in France for long-term management of radioactive waste is the repository in deep argillaceous geological media with low permeability. The drilling of underground galleries in these clayey rocks induces damage propagation in the surrounding medium. This excavation process creates a damaged zone, in which the material properties are modified. The …more

Geotechnical characterization of rock faces using photogrammetry

Abstract Photogrammetry-based techniques that use photographs of a rock face offer a fast and inexpensive way to obtain data needed for geotechnical characterization. These techniques also reduce fieldwork safety risks associated with conventional structural mapping methods. A camera can function as an accurate survey tool, in many cases as accurate as conventional laser-based survey equipment. …more

Presentations from Finalists for 2015 GHD Prize in Geomechanics

The GHD Prize in Geomechanics is an award sponsored by the firm GHD and presented annually by the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) Newcastle Chapter for the best final year undergraduate project in the area of geomechanics at The University of Newcastle, Australia. The award is intended to encourage students to undertake projects in the area of …more

Future Graduates Networking BBQ

Are you a geotechnical professional searching for a graduate employee, or a graduating student looking for an employer? To celebrate the submission of their final year geotechnical design project, AGS Newcastle is hosting a BBQ for civil engineering students at The University of Newcastle. Join us for free refreshments and an opportunity to network with …more

Instrumentation and Monitoring: State of the Art for Geotechnics and Structures

Abstract Instrumentation is typically used to provide real time data for Design & Construct projects, and is thus aimed both at the straightforward requirement to show ‘compliance with the specification’ and also to provide real time data for optimisation of the design and control of the construction process. These requirements then drive the need to …more

Limitations of simplified methods for the design of tunnels in bedded formations

Abstract The design of flat and semi flat-roofed tunnels or driveways, i.e. with a large arch radius to roof span ratio, in Sydney has been proven successful over time. The horizontally bedded nature of Sydney’s Hawkesbury Sandstone draws designers to the voussoir beam theory. Such analogy and the associated method of analysis can be easily …more

Experimental and numerical study on the performance of rockfall protection barriers for hazard mitigation

Abstract Managing the rockfall hazard is a complex task involving several phases, from site characterisation to the design of protective structures. Despite the increasing interest in rockfall-related research over the last few decades, some issues remain only partially addressed to date. In particular, the criteria for the design of flexible metallic barriers are potentially flawed …more

Annual General Meeting & Dinner

The 2015 committee for the Newcastle Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics society invites all members and their guests to attend this year’s Annual General Meeting. Attendees are welcome to remain for dinner after the AGM at a cost of approximately $20 per person. Agenda The agenda for this year’s meeting is as follows: 1. Welcome …more

54th Rankine Lecture (2014):
Interactions in Offshore Foundation Design

Abstract Offshore foundation design has been a research topic with direct practical applications for a number of decades, with the increasing need to generate power by harvesting offshore wind presenting new challenges. The lecture will use examples from offshore foundation design to illustrate important areas: (a) where geotechnical engineers need to address engineering problems in …more

14th Glossop Medal Lecture Tour – Newcastle

The 14th Glossop Medal Lecture, presented by the Engineering Group of the Geological Society will be given by Professor Jim Griffiths from Plymouth University. FEET ON THE GROUND: ENGINEERING GEOLOGY, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. ABSTRACT Engineering geology has a long and rich heritage and the United Kingdom has been in the vanguard of the development of the subject …more