2008 Queensland Meetings

Pit Slope Design for Clermont Coal Mine, Central Queensland

Rio Tinto Coal Australia began mining operations at its Clermont Coal Mine in the first half of this year but coal will not be uncovered until 2010 making this a mammoth box-cut in the first two years of the mine’s operation. Since discovery of coal in the Wolfang Basin in 1979, the Clermont Project has …more

The Basic Theories of Soil Mechanics

Soil mechanics is an applied science; it deals with the mechanical behaviour of wet particulate materials and construction on and in them. There are fundamental theories of soil mechanics which come from other basic branches of mechanics. There are also theories which have been developed specifically for particulate materials. Some theories are for material behaviour …more

Geothermal Exploration and Development in Australia

This talk will first present an overview of the recent boom in geothermal exploration and development activities in Australia and then focus on the influence of in situ stress on the engineering of geothermal reservoirs in the subsurface. The installed global electricity generation capacity of geothermal energy is around 9 GW, less than 1 % …more

Joint presentation

Using CSM Equipment for Deep Soil Mixing Denholm Brown DSM is frequently used in Europe and Asia to improve soft compressible clays where traditional methods, such as surcharging and wick drains are not feasible, due to either stability reasons or time and/or space constraints. Cutter Soil Mixing is a recent method for DSM and has …more

Instrumentation in Civil Engineering and Tunnelling Projects

Dr Bassett will present a brief introduction to the benefits large tunnelling projects can gain through use of a proper instrumentation regime. The talk will cover the value of quality data in managing construction processes, controlling site safety, assessing risk and enhancing the development of knowledge for future projects. It will be demonstrated using data …more

Soft Ground Stabilisation – Vacuum Consolidation via Vertical Drains

Conventional surcharge loading to achieve soft soil consolidation has been a relatively slow process, and the combination of part surcharge and vacuum pressure with prefabricated vertical drains (PVD) has become an attractive alternative in many parts of the world. Centre for Geomechanics and Railway Engineering at University of Wollongong is one of the leading soft …more

Collapse of a Deep Excavation in Asia – Lessons Learnt

On 20th April 2004 a 30m deep excavation adjacent to Nicoll Highway in Singapore collapsed, killing four people. The excavation was carried out in a reclaimed land using a temporary diaphragm wall retaining system. The strutting system used consisted of 10 levels of steel struts and two levels jet grout slabs. The collapse occurred in …more

E.H. Davis Lecture 2007: Foundations (piles) in Rock – Serviceability Rules

Regardless of recent advances in testing, analysis, construction methods and materials, the geotechnical design of foundations in rock for many applications is still dominated by empirical correlations, rules of thumb and traditional values. These methods were developed at a time when our knowledge was less, analysis methods were relatively simplistic, our construction equipment was of …more