2015 Queensland Meetings

Monitoring Equipment & Interpretation Workshop

Monitoring Equipment & Interpretation: Theory, use & practical application in the Mining & Civil industries This course aims to provide information on the use of geotechnical monitoring equipment in different applications to professionals working in the civil and mining industry. Although the subject is covered during formal education, advancing technologies continue to expand the ability for monitoring …more

AGS QLD Chapter Symposium: Problem Ground

Summary (see flyer for more details) Keynote Address John Read (formerly CSIRO) – ‘Slope design in weak rocks’ Bruce Walker (JK Geotechnics) – ‘Clay is a four letter word’ Glen Fergus (Golder Associates) – ‘Soft clay and engineering in limonite soil’ David Williams (The University of Queensland) – ‘Accommodating the low bearing capacity of mine …more

2014 AGS Practitioner Award Distinguished Lecture

ESCAPING THE GOLDEN CAGE* Learning to Practise the Art of Observational Geotechnical Engineering Presented by John Simmons Abstract The observational method is a respected pillar of geotechnical practice, but it appears in many guises and its application is not always clearly understood or appreciated. At its heart is the engineer’s dilemma of getting something to …more

Masterclass focused on Aspects of Piling (FULL)

AGS Queensland invite you to a Piling Masterclass. The event will be moderated by Stephen Buttling, with technical presentations provided by Martin Larish and David Klingberg. Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. There are only 20 spaces available for this event which are expected to fill quickly, so if you wish to attend please …more

Laboratory Testing, Theory and Practical Application (COURSE FULL)

The course aims to provide information on geotechnical laboratory testing methods to professionals working in the civil and mining industry. Although the subject is often taught during formal education, the actual implementation of that knowledge is not always straight forward. Some of the issues that will be covered in this workshop are: Soil classification and …more

Rebuilding Angola – Geotechnical Challenges

Abstract Following independence from Portugal in 1975, Angola was ravaged by a civil war which lasted until 2002. Much infrastructure was damaged or destroyed and large numbers of refugees were displaced to the relative safety of major cities. The population of the capital, Luanda grew from 0.5M to 5M during the war, most of the …more

AGS QLD AGM & Annual Dinner

Come and join us at the AGS annual dinner to celebrate the success of Australian Geomechanics Society Queensland Chapter in 2015. It is the perfect time to reflect on how we have performed in the past year. The call is out for active committee members 2016 with open nominations for next year. Consider getting involved …more

The Manefay Failure at Bingham Canyon Mine:
investigation outcomes and lessons

Presented by:AusIMM QLD Branch with the AGS QLD Chapter On 10 April 2013 Rio Tinto’s Bingham Canyon open-pit copper mine experienced what we understand is the world’s largest ever in-pit slope failure.  With slope monitoring data, the failure was identified some months prior to failure and mining operations ceased in the area of concern.  Once the …more

54th Rankine Lecture (2014):
Interactions in Offshore Foundation Design

Abstract Offshore foundation design has been a research topic with direct practical applications for a number of decades, with the increasing need to generate power by harvesting offshore wind presenting new challenges. The lecture will use examples from offshore foundation design to illustrate important areas: (a) where geotechnical engineers need to address engineering problems in …more

14th Glossop Medal Lecture Tour – Brisbane

The 14th Glossop Medal Lecture, presented by the Engineering Group of the Geological Society will be given by Professor Jim Griffiths from Plymouth University. FEET ON THE GROUND: ENGINEERING GEOLOGY, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. ABSTRACT Engineering geology has a long and rich heritage and the United Kingdom has been in the vanguard of the development of the subject …more