2003 Meetings

Visitors Night

This year’s visitors talk was titled: “The life of a peasant winemaker in the Adelaide Hills or An insight into the insanity required to run a micro-boutique winery in the Adelaide Hills” Held at: Bistro 49, 49 Mt Barker Road, Stirling. John describes himself as Vineyard Manager / Hand, Winemaker, Cellar Hand, Office Manager, Advertising …more

Young Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting

In 2003, three young geotechnical engineering graduates and students individually gave a 10 minute presentation on a range of interesting projects. Members of the Committee adjudicated that the 3 presenters were all worthy winners of the Award and they were each presented with a certificate and a $100 cash prize. Brendan Scott, Witton Bluff Stabilisation …more

Brownfield Britain – Recent Experiences With Contaminated Sites in the UK

Over the last few years, the UK has seen some very significant changes in environmental legislation. In particular, this has affected the manner in which contaminated land assessment is undertaken and, consequently, the type of remediation approach that gains acceptance. Concepts such as suitability for use and harm now drive the assessment process in the …more

Slope Stability Forum

Speakers include: Dr Peter Mitchell, Dr Tony Meyers, Dr Ahmed Soliman, Richard Cavagnaro, Richard Herraman When you are confronted with a slope stability problem do you have difficulty in determining degree of slope hazard and failure mechanism? Even when you’ve got a handle on these, you’ve still got to work out the best method for …more

Collapsing Cones, Slippery Slopes, Hot Ground, Titanic Topples, Dams and Development: Engineering Geological Challenges and Models for the Active New Zealand Environment

New Zealand is a highly varied landmass with many different terrains displaying defective and difficult rock and soil masses crafted by a collection of hazardous geologic processes. This presents a unique challenge to engineering development. This talk offers a personal view of the contribution engineering geology has made to our understanding of this active New …more

Ground Improvement Techniques

Various geotechnical methods have been employed to alter the properties of soils in order to provide enhanced capacity to support “structures”, as an aid to excavation or for other purposes such as reducing water flows. These methods include vibro compaction, vibro replacement, dynamic compaction, explosive compaction, soil mixing, grouting, pre loading, sand or wick drains …more

Annual Field Trip: Port River Expressway

Construction of Stage 1 of the Port River Expressway is underway. When complete this project will contribute to South Australia’s economic development by providing new road, rail and bridge connections across the Port River, linking our export enterprises and industrial areas with key transport routes and facilities. It will also contribute to the ongoing development …more