2006 Meetings

Who Needs Constitutive Models?

The lecture will chart the development of constitutive models used to represent the mechanical behaviour of soils and provide an overview of the principles and the main features of exsiting, widely used constitutive models for soil. The clear intention is to emphasise the physical basis of these models, rather than their mathematical complexity.

Eureka Tower, A Bored Pier Foundation Story

The Eureka Tower Project is a 300 m high 88 level residential building, constructed in the Southbank precinct of Melbourne, Australia. The site is underlain by complex geology, including near surface soft clays, a shallow layer of Quaternary Age basalt which covers part of the site, a lower very high strength basalt layer at about …more

Recent Applications of “Square” Impact Roller

Impact Roller technology has been available in South Australia since 1985, and it has found use in a wide range of applications. Examples of some of these show the breadth of innovative projects and how the South Australian civil and geotechnical fraternities have mebraced the concept.

The Application Of Innovative Ideas To Solve Challenging Groundwork

Human beings have a hunger for continuing improvement in the quality of life. In this modern world, there will be an increasing demand for buildings, transportation systems, mineral mines and various infrastructures associate with natural resources and manufacturing industries. Reducing cost is essential, but building sustainable and environmentally friendly developments is equally important. In Australia, …more

NPER Specific Area Of Practice Landslide Risk Management

The development of a specific area of practice for Landslide Risk Management (LRM) within the National Professional Engineers Register (NPER) is in response to requirements of legislation and is a means for practitioners to demonstrate competency as required by such legislation. Each piece of relevant legislation is similar in that they all require practitioners to …more

CRUISING: The Redevelopment of the Port

This will be a cruise up the Port River from Queens Wharf to Outer Harbour and return in the motor launch the Archie Badenoch, operated by volunteers from the SA Maritime Museum. There will be short pauses and presentations at items of interest, with respect to the speakers’ agenda. Jack Rollinson – Redevelopment of Port …more