2014 SA Meetings

A classic Adelaide experience:
Cruising the Torrens on Popeye

Many millions have been spent developing the “River Bank Precinct (RBP)”.  It’s spring, so the best way to enjoy yourself and find out more about what’s happened to the RBP is to join our evening cruise, partake of drinks and canapés, socialise with your friends and colleagues and view the recent developments while being enlightened …more

The role of testing for pile design in Australia

ABSTRACT This presentation examines some implications of the recent (2009) edition of the Australian Piling Standard (AS2159) on the design of piles in Australia. The relative benefits of static and dynamic testing are reviewed and their contribution to reliability is assessed and compared with partial factors recommended by AS2159 (2009). Information from a range case …more

Pile testing at the Superway

ABSTRACT The South Road Superway is a 4.8 kilometre non-stop corridor with a 2.8 kilometre elevated roadway between the Port River Expressway and Regency Road in Adelaide, South Australia. It is the largest road project ever undertaken in South Australia. The elevated roadway is a 50 span viaduct, 42 of whose spans are 60m long …more