2017 Sydney Meetings

RMS Geotechnical Challenges and Opportunities in New South Wales

Abstract NSW is experiencing an unprecedented infrastructure boom. In 2017 alone, the NSW government will have spent circa $5 billion on road projects, the two largest being the Pacific Highway Upgrade and West-connex. At the same time, RMS has been undergoing significant structural change, meaning projects have to be delivered in new ways. This presentation …more

Geosurveys innovation

Presentation overview The presentation will use a range of case studies to illustrate how geophysical methods are being used innovatively to deliver geotechnical efficiency. The presentation illustrates: How radar satellite data is used to track infrastructure- and slope settlement to millimetre resolutions. Illustrations include a hydro dam and an urban example, How a multi-risk hazard …more

2015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Sydney

Introduction This biennial lecture commemorates the work in geomechanics by Professor Edward Hughesdon Davis. Professor Davis was one of the pioneers of geomechanics in Australia. He perceived that progress and understanding of the theoretical basis of geomechanics would only come if consistent, sound, but simple models of soil behaviour were used. The two topics that …more

Insights from the Ballina bypass prediction exercise – Sydney

About the presentation Establishment of a national soft soil field testing facility was a Legacy of the Ballina Bypass Alliance. Prediction of embankment settlement at the design stage of BBA proved to be inaccurate in many cases during construction. Use of the Observational Method during construction allowed actions to be taken that overcame the effects …more

Young Geotechnical Professionals Night – 2017

The 2017 Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Night is an opportunity to see four selected presentations by young geotechnical professionals discussing interesting and challenging aspects of their work. Presentations The following presentations will be given during the evening. Katherine Kwa The University of Sydney A study into the liquefaction of shipped metallic ores In the past 30 …more

Pile performance and pile prediction events

Abstract AS 2159-2009 requires that piles are designed to satisfy the inequality that resistance is greater than applied load at both the Ultimate Limit State (ULS) and the Serviceability Limit State (SLS). It is clear that, especially for rock socketed piles, the SLS may control, and this was acknowledged back in 1998 by Pells et …more

56th Rankine Lecture, Sydney:
Geotechnics and Energy

Abstract Geotechnical Engineering has matured sufficiently to contribute to some of society’s grand challenges. This 56th Rankine Lecture considers the pressing problem of ensuring vital energy supplies while also recognising, mitigating and dealing with the climate consequences of fossil fuel consumption. The Lecture’s three main sections report recent geotechnical research relating to these wide ranging …more

Christchurch Town Hall: Foundation Stabilisation Using Jet Grouting Technique

Abstract Following damage caused by the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, the NZ$127.5million Christchurch Town Hall Restoration project is due for completion in 2018. The building is undergoing extensive repairs and a strengthening regime to meet New Zealand’s New Building Standard. One major aspect of the project is the stabilisation of the soil directly beneath the building …more

Influence of wetting and drying cycles on the behavior of compacted materials

Abstract Compacted soils are often used as construction materials for earth structures such as retaining walls, dams, and road and railway embankments, and as such are usually placed and often remain on site under partially saturated condition. However, during their service life these earth structures are likely to experience changes in hydraulic behaviour owing to …more