2012 Meetings

Liquefaction Hazard in Australia

The Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 caused tremendous damage to the City of Christchurch and its surrounding areas. Aspects of the earthquakes are well documented, including the seismology as well as damage to land and structures within the CBD and suburbs. In the two years since the first earthquake occurred in September 2010, a …more

Innovations in Ground Stabilisation

The principals of Stabilisation, methods of mechanical stabilisation, particularly Confinement and Tensioned Membrane Which method should be used for various applications. Heavy-duty pavements: Material handling areas, hard stands, Crane platforms etc. Case studies. The development of Mechanical stabilisation techniques from the 1970’s to present day. Key Research that has underpinned the current design methods for …more

Sustainable Resilient Ground Engineering

The pressures of urbanization place demands on city infrastructure and connections between cities. The rapid urbanization in the latter half of the 20th century was carried out against a backdrop of depletion of limited natural resources, generation of wastes, including greenhouse gases, and inefficient use of energy. The Bruntland Commission and subsequent report of 1987 …more

Management of a Highway Pavement for Subsidence Impacts from Longwall Mining

The first of a number of planned longwalls directly beneath a freeway, southwest of Sydney has been completed. After a lengthy planning period, the risks to the highway pavement were successfully managed by the road authority, the mining company and a Technical Committee including specialists in the fields of pavement engineering, geotechnical engineering and subsidence. …more

AGS Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Night

The Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Night is an opportunity to see four selected presentations by young geotechnical professionals discussing interesting and challenging aspects of their work. After the presentations, you will have a chance to catch up with friends and the presenters over drinks and finger food, and see additional posters prepared by YGP’s. The following …more

Geomechanics & Engineering

At the invitation from Don Cameron and the Footings Group SA, Professor Robert Lytton has agreed to conduct a lecture tour around Eastern Australia. The Housing Engineering, Design & Research Association, is organizing this tour with the help of the Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne chapters of the Australian Geomechanics Society, FFS Queensland, FFS …more

Advances in Geotechnics of Roads and Railways

Introduction The Sydney Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) is proud to present its sixteenth annual Symposium to be held on 10 October 2012, titled “Advances in Geotechnics of Roads and Railways”. The Symposium forms part of the continuing program of events by the Sydney Chapter of the AGS, designed to keep the engineering …more

The NSW Research Award

Experimental investigations into using non-destructive techniques for Characterising compacted soil Ana Paula Heitor, University of Wollongong Conventional field compaction control methods, including nuclear gauge, sand cone and rubber balloon, perform well for controlling the compacted soil at time of placement; however because of their localised nature these techniques may not be suitable for deeper fills …more

Probabilities of Failure and Factors of Safety in Geotechnical Engineering

There has been a rapid growth of interest in both academe and industry in the use of probabilistic methods in geotechnical engineering. In hindsight this is not too surprising, since soils and rocks are among the most variable of all engineering materials, and geotechnical engineers must often make do with materials they are dealt with …more

Ground Improvement in the Christchurch Rebuild – A Contractor’s Perspective

The talk will present the perspective of a specialty geotechnical contractor, now active in Christchurch, on the working environment within the ongoing seismic activity of the region. Ground improvement methods applicable for the lifting/leveling and seismic mitigation of structures will be presented. Several case histories of work performed will be presented to include some aspects …more