2015 Tasmania Meetings

Simplified models for wave-induced dynamic soil response around marine infrastructures.

Abstract The evaluation of the wave-induced dynamic soil response is particularly important for coastal and geotechnical engineers involved in the design of foundation of marine infrastructures. Seabed instability such as liquefaction occurs because the cyclic loading and the resultant interaction between the pore fluid and soil particles. This seminar will first introduce the analytical approximation …more

Engineering geological models, slope stability and landslides.

Mark completed a Bachelor of Science (Geology) in 1983 and a Master of Science in Engineering Geology (First Class Honours) in 1987 at the University of Canterbury, NZ. Partly in conjunction with his Masters studies, Mark worked for both the New Zealand Geological Survey and the New Zealand Forest Service as a geologist on regional …more

54th Rankine Lecture (2014):
Interactions in Offshore Foundation Design

Abstract Offshore foundation design has been a research topic with direct practical applications for a number of decades, with the increasing need to generate power by harvesting offshore wind presenting new challenges. The lecture will use examples from offshore foundation design to illustrate important areas: (a) where geotechnical engineers need to address engineering problems in …more

14th Glossop Medal Lecture Tour – Hobart

The 14th Glossop Medal Lecture, presented by the Engineering Group of the Geological Society will be given by Professor Jim Griffiths from Plymouth University. FEET ON THE GROUND: ENGINEERING GEOLOGY, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. ABSTRACT Engineering geology has a long and rich heritage and the United Kingdom has been in the vanguard of the development of the subject …more