2011 Meetings

Meetings and events held by the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society in 2011.

Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinner

Annual General Meeting The AGM will include reports from the Chairman and Treasurer followed by elections for the 2011 committee. Chairman’s Address: An Expert System Approach to the Identification of Geological Uncertainty Outgoing chair Darren Paul will briefly present an overview of his work into the development of an expert system aimed at communicating concepts …more

Jack Morgan Award Presentations

The Jack Morgan Young Geotechnical Practitioners Award will be presented to an outstanding Victorian geotechnical practitioner under the age of 35 on 9th November 2011. The four candidates shortlisted from a strong field of applications are listed below. Each candidate will present on a project they have been involved with, describing their contribution to geomechanics …more

Light Weight Deflectometer – Measuring Dynamic Modulus and CBR on-site Immediately

The Light Weight Deflectometer can be used for measuring the bearing capacity (deflection) and insitu CBR of subgrade/subsoils and unbound granular base layers, granular layers and backfilling materials. Robin’s talk will cover the following topics; What is the Light Weight Deflectometer What does it do? Where did the Light Weight Deflectometer come from? What does …more

2009 Rankine Lecture: Geohazards and Large Geographically Distributed Systems

Geotechnical engineers play a critical role in managing the performance of large geographically distributed systems that are affected by geohazards such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and landslides. Systems, such as water supplies, levees, and gas and liquid fuel supply networks, may cover thousands of km2 and may be subject to many different ground response and …more

From Myth to Reality… Liquefaction in the Canterbury Earthquake

The sequence of earthquakes that struck the Canterbury Region over late 2010 and early 2011 has resulted in a tragic loss of life. Those following the tragedy from afar will have seen a stream of photographs and video of collapsed buildings with a sprinkling of images showing rockfall, landslides with flooding and ejected sand from …more

Soil and Rock Logging AS 1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations

The course aims to educate geotechnical/environmental engineers, geologists and geotechnicians who find themselves logging and/or interpreting soil and rock logs in accordance with AS 1726 – Geotechnical Site Investigations. The content assumed that the participants already have a basic understanding of soil and rock logging. The course is particularly relevant to professionals starting their careers, …more

Is selecting a TBM a puzzle?

Members of Melbourne Group and visitors are invited to attend our Technical Session on the puzzle of characterising ground conditions for, and selection, of a suitable TBM. The Technical Session will consist of two presentations. The first presentation by Andrew Campbell will outline the geological and geotechnical issues that affect tunnel design and construction methodology. …more

Geology and geomorphology of Port Phillip Bay

We are fortunate enough to have Mr Neville Rosengren back this year to guide another field trip, this time to the Bellarine Peninsula. Neville will give a presentation of the geology and geomorphology of the Bellarine Peninsula on Wednesday 11th May followed by a day trip on the Saturday to a number of selected sites …more

Geotechnical Investigation and Design for Foundation Engineering Works

For years geotechnical practitioners have commented on the failure of clients to appreciate the value of good site investigation and the benefits of obtaining more detailed information. Some of the benefits of a good ground investigation coupled with appropriate experience, analysis and design in foundation engineering projects are potential savings in construction costs, potential for …more

Foundation design in (dune) sand

This lecture will present some findings from the speaker’s experience of foundation research and design in dune sand. The lecture will include discussion of: Bored piles under lateral load Movements behind cantilevered embedded retaining walls Active and passive limits Skin friction and end bearing for bored piles Pile capacity changes with time Settlement of footings …more