2017 WA Meetings

Insights from the Ballina bypass prediction exercise – Perth

About the presentation Establishment of a national soft soil field testing facility was a Legacy of the Ballina Bypass Alliance. Prediction of embankment settlement at the design stage of BBA proved to be inaccurate in many cases during construction. Use of the Observational Method during construction allowed actions to be taken that overcame the effects …more

The application of near-surface geophysical techniques in geotechnical engineering

Abstract Near-surface geophysics is used by engineers as a tool to measure the physical properties of the earth and provide interpretation of the geological conditions. Geophysical techniques are often used in parallel with other engineering tools such as drilling, CPTs, soil sampling and test-pitting. Some geophysical techniques have a direct application to provide geotechnical parameters …more

2015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Perth

Introduction This biennial lecture commemorates the work in geomechanics by Professor Edward Hughesdon Davis. Professor Davis was one of the pioneers of geomechanics in Australia. He perceived that progress and understanding of the theoretical basis of geomechanics would only come if consistent, sound, but simple models of soil behaviour were used. The two topics that …more

Use of vegetation to assess ground conditions

About the presentation Before drilling a borehole or digging a test pit, just looking at the vegetation can tell us quite a bit about the ground conditions. Is the groundwater shallow? Is the groundwater brackish? Is the site likely to be contaminated? Plants such as paperbark trees, samphire and castor oil bushes can provide a …more

56th Rankine Lecture, Perth:
Geotechnics and Energy

Abstract Geotechnical Engineering has matured sufficiently to contribute to some of society’s grand challenges. This 56th Rankine Lecture considers the pressing problem of ensuring vital energy supplies while also recognising, mitigating and dealing with the climate consequences of fossil fuel consumption. The Lecture’s three main sections report recent geotechnical research relating to these wide ranging …more