Newcastle, NSW Chapter Meetings

201810 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
23 JanEffects of size, humidity and time in crushable granular materials Assistant Professor Carlos Ovalle
31 JanBulli pass landslide hazard assessment and control measures Dr Phil Flentje, The University of Wollongong
23 FebNewcastle Chapter 2017 AGM
29 MayDivergence in the science and practice of engineering geology Mark Eggers
02 JulIn-Situ Groundwater Remediation Technology Professor Liming Hu, Tsinghua University, China
11 JulAGS NSW Research Award 2018
for Research in Geotechnical Engineering or Engineering Geology Presentations
Dongli Zhu, Liet Dang, Ruoshi Xu, Subhani Samarakoon Jayasekara Mudiyanse and Xinyu Ye
23 AugGeotechnical Mapping Course 2018 – Newcastle
28 AugConstruction methods and quality outcomes for bored cast-in-situ piles – A review of current practice Dr Ben Collingwood
18 Sep57th Rankine Lecture, Newcastle Eduardo Alonso
09 OctNational Terzaghi lecture Professor Kerry Rowe, Queens University, Canada
201713 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
15 FebAn innovative geotechnical monitoring system for soft ground treatment on the W2B Pacific Highway upgrade project Henry Zhang
03 MarAnnual General Meeting – Newcastle Chapter
(2016 AGM Rescheduled)
28 MarProbably looking at slope stability Stephen Buttling
04 Apr56th Rankine Lecture, Newcastle:
Geotechnics and Energy
Professor Richard Jardine, Imperial College London
09 MayPile performance and pile prediction events Stephen Buttling
27 Jun2015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Newcastle Professor Daichao Sheng, University of Newcastle
08 AugGeosurveys innovation Dr Andi Pfaffhuber
22 AugMEMS and other Miniaturised Electronics as Geotechnical Engineering Tools Dr Ryan D. Beemer
12 SepInsights from the Ballina bypass prediction exercise – Newcastle Dr Richard Kelly
06 OctSoil and Rock Logging Course Fred Baynes and Ian Shipway
25 Oct2017 Future graduates networking BBQ
08 NovNatural hazards, risk, and the resilience of U.S. transportation infrastructure Scott Anderson, formerly of U.S. FHWA
28 Nov2017 GHD Prize in Geomechanics
201617 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
02 FebEvolution of Submarine Landslides Professor Alexander M. Puzrin
16 Feb2014 AGS Practitioner Award Distinguished Lecture in Newcastle John Simmons
12 AprAS 1726 : 2016 Seminar – Newcastle Members of the SA CE-15 Committee
16 Apr2016 Newcastle Geology Tour
03 MayRailway Tunnel Remediation in the Bylong Valley Ben Morris
11 MayAGS NSW Research Award 2016
for Research in Geotechnical Engineering or Engineering Geology Presentations
Danielle Griffani, Lam Dinh Nguyen and Sinniah Navaratnarajah
12 JulE.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Newcastle Professor Malek Bouazza
19 JulForest and bio-engineering rock fall protection techniques Dr Franck Bourrier
10 AugGeotechnical Mapping Course – Newcastle
22 AugAbandoned Mine Subsidence Geomechanics Ebrahim Fathi
27 SepDisruptive technologies and a view of the future for geotechnical practice Dr James Glastonbury
26 Oct2016 Future Graduates Networking BBQ
10 NovRooting for Sustainable Performance Professor David Muir Wood
16 Nov51st Rankine Lecture – Geotechnical Stability Analysis – 2016 Newcastle Laureate Professor Scott Sloan
22 NovPresentations from Finalists for 2016 GHD Prize in Geomechanics
02 Dec2016 Annual General Meeting – Newcastle Chapter (postponed)
12 Dec55th Rankine Lecture:
Hazard, Risk and Reliability in Geotechnical Practice
Dr Suzanne Lacasse, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)
201515 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
10 Feb14th Glossop Medal Lecture Tour – Newcastle
10 MarControl of cost overruns on major construction project through adequate site investigation Dr. Bill Bamford
08 AprGeotechnical characterization of rock faces using photogrammetry Dr Dwayne Tannant
12 May54th Rankine Lecture (2014):
Interactions in Offshore Foundation Design
Professor Guy Houlsby, University of Oxford
27 MayExperimental and numerical study on the performance of rockfall protection barriers for hazard mitigation Dr Michele Spadari
16 JunLimitations of simplified methods for the design of tunnels in bedded formations David Oliveira PhD, MIEAust, CPEng
07 JulReliability-Based Geotechnical Design:
From Theory to Practice
Professor Gordon Fenton
23 JulPrediction of the excavation damaged zone in Callovo-Oxfordian claystone using a coupled second gradient model Frederic Collin
27 AugMeasuring the pressure induced by bench blasting and deciphering explosive performance through rockmass response analysis Professor VMSR Murthy
29 SepInstrumentation and Monitoring: State of the Art for Geotechnics and Structures Iain Robertson
20 OctJohn Jaeger Memorial Award Lecture: Predicting the Mechanical Behaviour of Structured Soils Professor John Carter
28 OctFuture Graduates Networking BBQ
10 NovPresentations from Finalists for 2015 GHD Prize in Geomechanics
28 NovNewcastle Chapter Geology Tour – POSTPONED
04 DecAnnual General Meeting & Dinner
20141 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
11 Feb2012 John Jaeger Lecture: Introducing Geotechnical Design to Shallow Geothermal Systems Professor Ian Johnston
201313 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
31 JanNumerical simulation in underground construction – what are the benefits and how can we trust the results? Emeritus Professor Gernot Beer
07 MarRisks associated from coal seam gases and products of combustion gases when conducting exploration and site investigations in abandoned mine workings Robert Butcher
21 MarRock Slope Design in Layered Rocks: Some Precautionary Tales John Simmons
14 MayAGS NSW Research Awards Various
30 MayRetrofitting graded chimney drain using bio-polymer slurry at Hays Creek Dam, New Zealand Raj Jairaj
18 JunGeotechnical site exploration and geo-engineering education in 2013 and beyond Dr Paul Mayne
24 JunRemote sensing of terrain trafficability Andrei Abelev
24 JulDesigning for Rockfall: According to the guidelines for the approval of Rockfall Protection Kits Roland Bucher
15 AugE.H. Davis Lecture – Combined Loading of Offshore Foundations Mark Cassidy
05 SepSustainability and Resiliency Implications of Underground Structures Dr Raymond L. Sterling
08 Oct52nd Rankine Lecture: Performance-Based Design In Geotechnical Engineering Malcolm Bolton
02 NovNewcastle and Lake Macquarie Geology Tour Dr David Branagan, Russell Rigby and Greg McNally
29 Nov2013 AGM
201210 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
07 Feb46th Terzaghi Lecture – Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil: From the Experimental to the Familiar R. D. Holtz, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
22 MarWhat happened to the mechanics in rock mechanics and the geology in engineering geology? Philip Pells
19 AprGround Improvement in the Christchurch Rebuild – A Contractor’s Perspective Mark Koelling, Keller Ground Engineering
15 MayNSW Research Award Presentation Ana Paula Heitor and Chunshun Zhang
31 MayGrouting at Ipswich and Hunter Expressway Bill Holz & Iain Robertson
23 AugCalculation of heave of deep pier foundations John D Nelson
14 SepCulvert and sewer deterioration and repair using polymer liners Dr Ian Moore
15 OctConglomerates, thick coals, and claystones: Underground mining in the soft rocks of the Newcastle coalfield Dr Ross Seedsman, Seedsman Geotechnics
07 NovFundamental Issues in Developing a Code of Practice for Geotechnical Design – Eurocode 7 Dr Brian Simpson
30 NovAnnual General Meeting & Dinner
201113 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
16 FebA Framework For Forensic Engineering Professor Harry Poulos
02 MarLessons from the Yallourn Batter Failure Inquiry Adjunct Professor Tim Sullivan
14 AprNewcastle geology: 250 million challenges for the engineering geologist Dr David Branagan
19 Apr2011 NSW Research Awards Mohammad Pournaghiazar & Nayoma Tennakoon
10 MayBallast!! Who needs it? David Christie
05 JulPalmers Road landslides: investigation, analysis & remediation Mark Adams
28 JulLimit Analysis for post-failure analysis: application to structural geology Yves M. Leroy
25 AugBuilding 3D models of rock strength using geophysical logs Professor Peter Hatherly
15 SepGunnedah Basin Geology Mark Dawson
27 OctDrilled Shaft Instrumentation for O-cell Tests Fitri Johari
29 OctAGS Newcastle City Geology Tour Dr. David Branagan
15 NovWorking platform assessments for tracked plant Bruce McPherson
25 Nov2011 Annual General Meeting & Dinner
201010 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
01 MarSlurry Wall Construction Current Technology and Case Studies Chris Ryan
04 MarA Case Study of Abandoned Mine Subsidence at Dominion, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2002-2003 Dave Forrester PhD, PEng
12 MarAn Introduction to Cross-hole Sonic Logging of Concrete in Drilled Piers Alex Gibson PhD
13 AprRecent Advances in the Application of Vertical Drains and Vacuum Preloading in Soft Soil Stabilisation Professor Buddhima Indraratna
20 AprThe NSW Research Award: Advances in Geotechnical Engineering Research Various speakers
18 JunConcepts & Parameters Related to Ground Improvement Illustrated by Case Histories Serge Varaksin
01 SepRock mass characterization; a vehicle to translate Geology into the design of Engineering Structures Dr. Paul Marinos
28 OctStiffness at Small Strain – Research and Practice Professor Chris Clayton
19 NovSystems engineering the design and operations of municipal solid waste landfills to minimize contamination of groundwater R. Kerry Rowe
08 DecCulverts and Sewers – Buried but not forgotten Ian D Moore, PhD, FCAE, FEIC, PEng
20098 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
04 FebElectrokinetics: Principles and Engineering Applications Prof. Julie Q Shang
05 Mar3 presentations Various speakers
20 MayA Practical Guide to Abandoned Mine Subsidence Assessment and Mitigation using Examples from the United States and Australia David L. Knott, P.E.
09 JunVacuum consolidation ground treatment Dr Richard Kelly
06 OctSouth Africa’s challenges pertaining to mine closure Daniel Van Tonder
09 Nov2009 Terzaghi Lecture: Uncertain geotechnical truth and cost-effective high-rise foundation design Clyde Baker
23 Nov4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Unsaturated Soils
09 DecSharing geo-engineering data through the World Wide Web Dr David Toll
20089 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
05 MarRockfall analysis Dr. Anna Giacomini
13 MayEngineering Geologists and Risk Management Dr Sergio Mora-Castro
19 JunGeomorphology and its Uses Dr. Lucy Ellis
10 SepStability analysis of old underground quarries Prof. Gian Paolo Giani
17 SepWhat is failure and why do failures occur? Prof. John Atkinson
24 SepMini Symposium: Pit to Port – Geotechnics of the Hunter Valley Coal Supply Chain Various Speakers
31 OctSpecial Function: Meet the Students Various speakers
10 NovE.H. Davis Lecture: Foundations (piles) in Rock – Serviceability Rules Dr Chris M. Haberfield
29 JanUnsaturated soil mechanics – critical review of physical foundations Professor Samuel Frydman
20077 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
21 MarNewcastle’s South Pacific Beach – Reinvented Robert Sirasch
10 AprTwo Geotechnical Mess-Ups at the Gold Coast – What Really Happened? Allan McConnell
30 JulMechanical Properties of Methane Hydrate-bearing Sand in the Deep Seabed Professor Masayuki Hyodo
08 AugGlossop Lecture – Rapid Landslides : The importance of mechanisms and mechanics Professor Robin Fell
22 AugIn situ behaviour of stiff sedimentary clays subject to excavation and thermal loading Jean Vaunat
18 SepContaminated Sites: Remediation Technologies & Case Studies Matthew Fensom & Nick Ebrill
05 Nov2007 Rankine Lecture: Soil-environment interactions in geotechnical engineering Professor Antonio Gens
200610 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
07 Feb2005 Poulos Lecture “Soft clay engineering: site characterisation and design of shallow foundations and anchoring systems” Professor Mark Randolph, ARC Federation Fellow
17 May“Who Needs Constitutive Models?” Professor John Carter, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment. University of Newcastle.
02 AugRecent applications of the “square” impact roller Derek Avalle, Technical Manager Broons Hire (SA) Pty Ltd
17 AugCharacteristics of Vacuum Consolidation Prof. Jin-Chun Chai, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Japan
30 AugHydraulic Containment at Landfill Sites Kane Mitchell, Environmental Scientist, Environ Australia Pty Ltd, Hunter Valley
01 SepHydraulic Containment at Landfill Sites Nathan Juchau, Charles Spalding, Stephen Jones, and Dr Gary Schmertmann
18 OctSolid Waste Landfill Geotechnics Dr Gary Schmertmann, URS Australia Pty Ltd
25 OctNumerical algorithms for large deformation analysis in geomechanics Majid Nazem, Discipline of Civil, Surveying and Environmental Engineering, The University of Newcastle
27 Oct“Student Membership Function: Geotechnical Design 2006 – University of Newcastle” Chris Bozinovski, AGS Newcastle Chairman, Douglas Partners
15 Nov41st Karl Terzaghi Lecture: Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice Professor Del Fredlund
20051 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
03 MayGeotechnical Challenges for Development in the Hunter Region Various Speakers
200411 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
19 FebPoulos Lecture: Tunnels and Excavations: Ground movements and the construction process Prof. R Neil Taylor, Geotechnical Engineering Research Centre, City University, London
18 MarRock Stability Analysis and its Application in Large Dam Construction Professor Zhou, Wei Yuan, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
30 MarJamuna – Bridge Foundations Mr Steve Kay, Senior Engineer – Fugro Engineers BV
01 JunGeotechnical Stability Analysis: New Methods for an Old Problem Prof. Scott W Sloan, Geotechnical Research Group, University of Newcastle
14 JulGeosynthetics in Reinforced Earth Structures Raymond Chow, Maccaferri Australia
17 AugNumerical Analysis: A Virtual Dream or Practical Reality? Prof. David M Potts, Imperial College, London
15 SepA Study of Direct Shear Testing using a Large Shear Box Dr Stephen Fityus, The University of Newcastle
03 OctRisk Assessment for Civil Engineering Systems Assoc. Prof Mark Stewart, The University of Newcastle
19 OctSpecial Function Local AGS Members
24 NovRegional landslide hazard maps of Tasmania Colin Mazengarb, Mineral Resources Tasmania
10 DecEnergy Method for Structures Interacting with Dissipative Soils Itai Einav, APD Fellow, Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems, University of Western Australia
200312 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
29 JanApplications & Benefits of Cold Spray-Applied Membranes Phil Russell & Ben Haseler, Resin Grouting Technology
28 FebSlope Stability Analysis & Risk by Finite Elements D V Griffiths, Colorado School of Mines
18 MarD H Trollope Lecture: The Mathematics of Engineering Dr Glen Peters, University of Newcastle
28 MarNumerical Investigation into the influence of bored piles on existing tunnels Dr Felix Schroder, Imperial College, London
10 AprPoulos Lecture: Engineering Geological Challenges for the Active NZ Environment Dr Warwick Prebble, University of Auckland
02 MayTensile & compressive capacities of piles in sand under repeated loading Prof K Eingenbrod, Lakehead University, Canada
15 JulTwo presentations Dr David Harris & Professor Erich Bauer
23 JulGeotechnical Engineering in Antarctica Sam Mackenzie, Coffey Geosciences
12 Aug2003 Darcy Lecture: Ground and surface water contributions to chemical mass discharge Dr Richelle Allen-King, Washington State University
24 SepDarwin to Alice… By Rail Robert Taylor, Barclay Mowlem
09 DecCoastal Change Monitoring using Geomatic Techniques Dr Simon Buckley, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
12 DecLaboratory testing and hydromechanical behaviour of unsaturated soils Dr Enrique Romero, School of Engineering, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
20028 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
27 MarConstruction of the Suez Canal Mamdouh Hamza, Ph.D, Hamza Associates
08 MayThe environmental improvements of the Shingmun River, China Dr. Paul Kau, Golder Associates, Hong Kong
31 MayE.H. Davis Lecture – Soil structure interaction A/Prof John Small, University of Sydney, NSW
26 JunSeminars on Landslide Risk Management Landslide Roadshow
21 AugMaryland reactive Soils Field Site Dr Stephen Fityus, University of Newcastle
11 SepMine Void Remediation for the West Charlestown Bypass, Newcastle Ben Rouvray
17 OctAssessment of Regional Landslide Hazard Patrick MacGregor, Consulting Engineering Geologist
22 OctAspects of Development of Sydney Airport Mike Thom, Director, Douglas Partners Pty Ltd
20015 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
02 MayNumerical Models of Tunnels and Tunnelling Dr Charles Augarde, University of Durham UK
06 JunGeotechnical Aspects of Kooragang Coal Terminal Stage 3 Expansion Stephen Jones (Principal) and Chris Bozinovski (Associate) Douglas Partners Pty Ltd
27 JunGeotechnical Anchoring Systems and GEWI Piles Steve Dubé, Division Engineer, DYWIDAG-Systems International
15 SepThe use of Statistics in Contaminated Site Assessment Phillip Hitchcock, Robert Carr & Associates
17 NovAssessment of regional landslide hazard Mr Patrick MacGregor, Consulting Engineering Geologist
20005 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
31 JanThe mysteries of blast induced ground vibrations Prof. Gour C. Sen, University of Wollongong
31 MarShear Strength and Stiffness of Silty Sand Prof. Rodrigo Salgado, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University
30 JunTunnels and Mines – Imaging Ahead of the Working Face with Seismic Reflection Tomography Dr Bob Whiteley, Director, Resources Division, Coffey Geosciences Pty. Ltd.
30 SepTomago Mineral Sands Mining Project Stephen Jones, Principal, Douglas Partners Pty Ltd
31 OctGeotechnical Analysis Professor David Potts, Imperial College, London
19992 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
28 FebHong Kong’s New International Airport at Chek Lap Kok Civil and Geotechnical Aspects Craig Covil, Ove Arup & Partners
30 NovEvolution of strain localisation in granular materials Prof Erich Bauer, Institute of Mechanics, Technical University Graz, Austria
19983 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
31 JanEUROCODE 7 Part 3 : Field Testing – Methods & Interpretation Professor Karel Drozd, Charles University, Prague
31 MarFailures, Factors of Safety and Soil Strength Professor John Atkinson, Professor of Soil Mechanics, City University, London
30 JunConference 1998 – Geotechnical Engineering & Engineering Geology in the Hunter Valley Various
19974 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
31 MarStress-Deformation Behaviour of an Embankment on Boston Blue Clay A/Prof Andrew Whittle, Dept Civil & Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
31 MayDiscrete Element Modelling in Soil Mechanics Dr. Stephen van Baars, Postdoctoral research Fellow, University of Sydney
31 AugThree Dimensional Boundary Element Analysis Of Stress At Lkab Mine, Kiruna, Sweden Dr John Watson, Department of Mining Engineering, University of New South Wales
30 NovA General Discussion Of Constitutive Models For Soils Professor Gerd Gudehus, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
19962 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
30 JunEvaluation of the Stability of an Arch Dam Founded on Fractured Rock Antonio Gens, Technical University of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
31 JulLarge Strain Consolidation in Unsaturated Porous Media J Gareth Swarbrick, University of New South Wales