Engineers Australia

South Australia & Northern Territory Chapter Meetings

201810 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
19 MarRecent transport projects and their geotechnical challenges Michael Anchor, Tom Hills, Sam Muirhead, Mathew Hodder and Stuart Cowan
21 MayGeotechnical Design Innovations from the Waikato Expressway project Mark Argent
18 JunKangaroo Creek Dam Upgrade: An overview of the geotechnical aspects of the project Seth Tiddy
16 JulSmall Earth Dams Dr Matthew Duthy, Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd
30 JulFinal year student and post graduate presentation evening
20 AugSite visit: Darlington Upgrade Project
26 Sep57th Rankine Lecture, Adelaide Professor Eduardo Alonso, University of Catalonia, Spain
15 OctAGS SA-NT Annual Seminar 2018
17 OctNational Terzaghi lecture Professor Kerry Rowe, Queens University, Canada
19 Nov2018 Annual General Meeting Janet Leitch, OAM
20179 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
20 FebApplication of Empirical Approaches to Design Rock Slopes in Mining and Civil Engineering Projects Dr Abbas Taheri
20 Mar2017 AGS SA-NT Field Trip
11 Apr56th Rankine Lecture, Adelaide:
Geotechnics and Energy
Professor Richard Jardine, Imperial College London
15 MayBarangaroo Headland Project,
Winner 2016 ICE Edmund Hambly Medal
Kieron Little, Lendlease
05 Jul2015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Adelaide Professor Daichao Sheng, University of Newcastle
24 JulRichard Cavagnaro Award and Young Geotechnical Professional’s Night
21 AugAn evening at Broons Centre of Excellence in Rolling Dynamic Compaction
18 SepInsights from the Ballina bypass prediction exercise – Adelaide Dr Richard Kelly
16 OctAGS SA-NT Seminar 2017
201611 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
24 Feb2014 AGS Practitioner Award Distinguished Lecture in Adelaide


Learning to Practise the Art of Observational Geotechnical Engineering
John Simmons
21 MarEngineering for Adelaide Earthquakes Jack Pappin
23 MarAS 1726 : 2016 Seminar – Adelaide Members of the SA CE-15 Committee
18 AprMechanics of Unsaturated Soils Professor Nasser Khalili
23 MayUnsaturated soil mechanics and the effective stress in design practice: with application to retaining wall design and CPT interpretation A/Professor Adrian Russell
20 JunEl Viar Dams In Southern Spain:
Embracing Expansive Clay
Alfonso Perez (Inside Infrastructure Pty Ltd)
19 JulE.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – SA-NT Professor Malek Bouazza
15 AugRisk Management for Onkaparinga Coastal Cliffs Dr Matthew Duthy
19 SepAGS SA-NT Seminar 2016
26 OctSA-NT AGM, followed by the 55th Rankine Lecture:
Hazard, Risk and Reliability in Geotechnical Practice
Dr Suzanne Lacasse, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)
21 NovAGS SA-NT 2016 Social Evening
201510 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
18 Feb14th Glossop Medal Lecture Tour – Adelaide
16 MarThe design and construction of the 16 hectare basement at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Jack Pappin, Arup Fellow
20 AprSeepage, Erosion and Piping. Matthew Duthy
20 May54th Rankine Lecture (2014):
Interactions in Offshore Foundation Design
Professor Guy Houlsby, University of Oxford
15 JunA Systems Approach to Verifying Driven Pile Foundations Dr. Julian Seidel
20 JulYoung Geotechnical Professional’s Event
12 AugAdvances in Earthquake Engineering post the 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes Dr Gary Chapman
23 SepLaboratory Testing of Expansive Soils Seminar
19 OctWell, what is the strength of unsaturated clay? Richard Herraman
17 NovQuiz Night Fundraiser for Nepal
20145 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
17 Mar2012 John Jaeger Lecture: Introducing Geotechnical Design to Shallow Geothermal Systems Professor Ian Johnston
28 AprSeismic Upgrade of Hindmarsh Valley Dam
19 MayPile testing at the Superway
16 JunThe role of testing for pile design in Australia Professor Barry Lehane
27 NovA classic Adelaide experience:
Cruising the Torrens on Popeye
201313 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
04 MarField Trip: Adelaide Oval and the Riverbank Precinct Andrew Gehling
18 MarProbabalistic Techniques in Geotechnical Modelling – Which one should you use? Dr William Kaggwa
08 AprA Window Into Some Of The Challenges And Joys Accompanying Four Decades Of Geomechanics Practice Andrew Leventhal
09 MayMultichannel Analysis of Surface Wave (MASW): A tool for Investigation of Ground Competence Koya Suto
20 MayQuality Assurance of ground improvement using down-hole video techniques Derek Avalle
28 MaySustainable Aggregates Information Seminar Various speakers
17 JunAS2870 – 2011, Residential Slabs and Footings Jan Mikucki & Peter Mitchell
15 JulThe Mystery of Unsaturated Soils Prof David Williams
16 AugSoil & Rock Logging Course – AS1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations Fred Baynes
19 AugSoil & Rock Logging Course – AS1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations Fred Baynes
01 OctJoint ICE/AGS presentation Professor Barry Clarke
17 OctRankine Lecture: Performance Based Design In Geotechnical Engineering Professor Malcolm Bolton
26 NovE.H. Davis Memorial Lecture 2012: Combined Loading of Offshore Foundations Prof Mark J. Cassidy
201215 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
25 JanStability and Risk Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering with Applications to Slopes and Landslides D. Vaughan Griffiths
14 Feb46th Terzaghi Lecture Downunder – Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil: From the Experimental to the Familiar Robert Holtz, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, USA
16 AprSome Lessons From Geotechnical Failures David Tonks, Coffey Geotechnics UK
18 May“Geomechanics and Engineering” Australian Lecture Tour May 2012 Professor Robert Lytton
18 MayTechnical presentation and associated half day seminars Professor Bob Lytton, Texas University
18 JunSeaford Rail Extension David Bartlett, DPTI Project Director
14 AugQuaking with Fear Michael Harbison, Mike Griffith, David Love, Lisa Moon and Peter McBean
20 AugPiers in Reactive Clay Soils Dr John D. Nelson
11 Sep51st Rankine Lecture – Geotechnical Stability Analysis Laureate Professor Scott Sloan
15 OctYoung Geotechnical Professionals Evening Various Speakers
31 OctFundamental Issues in Developing a Code of Practice for Geotechnical Design – Eurocode 7 Brian Simpson
07 NovPOSTPONED Darwin Soil and Rock Logging Course – AS1726 Geotechnical Investigations Fred Baynes
19 NovAnnual General Meeting (AGM) and Ground Anchors and Piling Innovations Ancorloc & Piling Contractors
22 NovCracking and Movements in Buildings – Design Consideration Footings Group
03 DecAGS SA/NT Annual Awards and Social Function Various
20118 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
21 MarJacked Piling in Australia Dr Peter W Mitchell
18 AprAnticipating Engineering Properties and Behaviour from Geological Knowledge Alan Moon
16 MayEastlink Tunnels – From Investigations to Design Anthony Bennett
20 JunGeotechnical In Situ Testing George Black
11 JulLiquefaction: Christchurch (Darfield) Earthquake 2010, My Experience and Some Issues Dr Mizanur Rahman
15 AugDesign Methods for Driven Piles in Sand and Clay Dr Fiona Chow
19 SepDevelopments in Transportation Geotechnics Various Speakers
17 OctGeotechnical Investigation and Design for Foundation Engineering Works Dr Chris Haberfield
20109 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
15 FebPavement Design And Construction For Airfields And Container Terminals Robert Smith
15 MarIn Situ Testing Allan McConnell
19 AprAS 2159-2009: A Brief Outline Slav Tchepak
17 MayPizza & Videos Night Various Geo-engineering Related Documentaries
15 JunConcepts & Parameters Related to Ground Improvement Illustrated by Case Histories Serge Varaskin
26 Jul2009 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture: Recent Advances in the Application of Vertical Drains and Vacuum Preloading in Soft Soil Stabilization Professor Buddhima Indraratna
20 SepSoils, Footing Designs and Climate Change Dr Peter W Mitchell
18 OctAnnual General Meeting & Young Geotech Professionals and Students Presentations Various
04 NovRankine Lecture: Stiffness at Small Strain – Research and Practice Chris Clayton
200910 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
16 MarClimate and Reactive Soil Movements Peter Mitchell
20 AprTall Buildings, Deep Foundations Harry Poulos
18 May2007 Jaeger Lecture Robin Fell
15 JunFailure and near Misses in a Geotechnical Career John Phillips
13 JulDesign of buried pipes and culverts Professor Ian Moore
20 JulThe Application of the Total Engineering Geology Approach Fred Baynes
17 AugRevetment Walls for Unsaturated Clay Richard Herraman & John Woodburn & Dr William Kaggwa & Chris Ward
24 SepSeminar on seismology & earthquakes Various
19 OctYGP Evening: Showcasing young geotechnical professionals and students Various
06 NovTerzaghi Lecture – Uncertain Geotechnical Truth and Cost-Effective High-Rise Foundation Design Clyde Baker
200710 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
19 FebAnnual Field Trip: Bakewell Underpass Project Richard Herraman, Matthew Duthy, Tim Oborn, Mike Hirons
21 MayWhat Is Failure And Why Do Failures Occur? John Atkinson
24 MayScrew Pile Anchors Peter Yttrup & Ron Lochert
18 JunGolder Associates Night: Soil Nailed Retention Design And Application Ivan Haustorfer
16 JulAnnual Visitors Night Professor Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology, University of Adelaide
23 AugDealing with Fill on Subdivisions
17 SepGeotechnical Aspects Of Railways Derek Arnott & Wayne Potter
15 OctShowcasing Young Geotechnical Professionals And Students Various
13 NovRankine Lecture Tour: Soil-environment interactions in geotechnical engineering Professor Antonio Gens, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
19 NovDeep Foundations, Excavations and Retaining Walls in South Australia Various
200610 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
09 FebCRUISING: The Redevelopment of the Port Various
22 MarNPER Specific Area Of Practice Landslide Risk Management SA Geomechanics Society Committee
20 AprDesigning for Unsaturated Clay Dr. G W S Kaggwa, Dr. P W Mitchell, Mr. R A Herraman
23 MayThe Application Of Innovative Ideas To Solve Challenging Groundwork Patrick Wong, Senior Principal, Coffey Geosciences
13 JunGeotechnical Aspects of Millbrook Dam Peter Russell & Dr. Ahmend Soliman
19 JulRecent Applications of “Square” Impact Roller Derek Avalle
23 AugEureka Tower, A Bored Pier Foundation Story Max Ervin, Golder Associates, Melbourne
14 SepModelling Cover Systems for Waste & Unsaturated Soils Mechanics in Engineering Practice Del Fredlund, Golder Associates, Canada
19 OctWho Needs Constitutive Models? John P Carter
20 NovSeminar: Innovative Technologies for Pavements and Earthworks Various
200512 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
21 FebKaiapit Landslide, Papua New Guinea Mark Drechsler
07 MarGeotechnics – The Hidden Face of Civil Engineering Prof. Harry Poulos
11 AprReliability-Based Geotechnical Design Prof. Gordon Fenton
09 MayFlexible uPVC Pipes in Trenches with Stiff Clay Walls Subjected to Construction Traffic Dr. Don Cameron
20 JunRissa and Pizza Video Presentation
18 JulWind Farms and Tall Structures John McCormack, Greg Perry, Tim Knill, and Dr. Matthew Duthy
15 AugCollapsing Soils from Australia and Thailand Dr. Don Cameron, Dr. Mark Jaksa, and Dr. Peter Mitchell
19 SepGeotechnical Aspects of the Alice Springs to Darwin Railway Mark Drechsler
17 OctYoung Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting Various Young Geotechnical Engineers and Students
07 NovSoil Characterisation: The Importance of Structure and Anisotropy Prof. David Hight
20 NovPicnic Richard Cavagnaro
05 DecHalf-day Seminar: Geotechnical Aspects of Landfills Various
200410 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
25 FebTunnels and Excavations: Ground Movements and the Construction Process Prof. R. Neil Taylor
15 MarSite Visit: Upgrading the Happy Valley Dam Various
22 AprThe Maryland Reactive Soil Field Site Dr. Stephen Fityus
06 May2002 Rankine Lecture: Numerical Analysis: A Virtual Dream or Practical Reality? Prof. David Potts
16 Jun2003 E. H. Davis Memorial Lecture: Geotechnical Stability Analysis: New Methods for an Old Problem Prof Scott Sloan
19 JulImproving the Reliability and Effectiveness of Site Investigations Dr. Mark Jaksa
16 AugAnnual Half-Day Seminar: Developments in Earthworks Technology Various
16 SepTrees and the Built Environment (Half-Day Seminar) Various
18 OctThe Lawrence Hargrave Drive Project, NSW Alan Moon
22 NovVisitors Night: History of Waterfall Gully, Annual Visitors Night and AGM Robert Martin
200310 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
17 FebAnnual Field Trip: Port River Expressway David Bartlett and Richard Cavagnaro
11 MarGround Improvement Techniques Trevor Osborne
15 AprCollapsing Cones, Slippery Slopes, Hot Ground, Titanic Topples, Dams and Development: Engineering Geological Challenges and Models for the Active New Zealand Environment Dr. Warwick Prebble
12 MaySlope Stability Forum Various
23 JunBrownfield Britain – Recent Experiences With Contaminated Sites in the UK Derek Avalle
14 JulAnnual Half-Day Seminar: Salinity Various
16 AugGeotechnical Challenges and Solutions in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Don Richardson
08 SepAlice Springs to Darwin Railway – The Engineering & Construction Issues Tony Dawson
13 OctYoung Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting Various
10 NovVisitors Night John Venus
200210 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
18 FebSite Visit: Southern Metropolitan Coastal Stability Lyn Sanders
15 MarConstruction of the Suez Canal Prof. Mamdouh Hamza
15 AprArtificial Neural Networks For Settlement Prediction Of Shallow Foundations On Granular Soils Mohamed Shahin
27 MayE.H. Davis Memorial Lecture: Soil – Structure Interaction Assoc. Prof. John Small
17 JunGeotechnical Engineering Aspects of the Bath CSO Project, England Matthew Duthy
17 JulAnnual Half-Day Seminar: Landslide Risk Assessment Various
19 AugGeotechnical Engineering Aspects of the Construction of the Barcoo Outlet Dr. Peter Mitchell
16 Sep“A Tale of Two Dams” Thorndon Park & Hope Valley Andy Parsons, Richard Cavagnaro, and Geoff Gosden
14 OctYoung Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting Various
18 NovVisitors Night: Building Faith Katharine Bartsch
200110 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
19 FebSite Visit: Southern Expressway Stephen Becket and Roger Grounds
19 MarThredbo Landslide Tim Sullivan
26 MarLinear Landfill or Driver’s Dream – Can We Successfully Use Alternative Aggregates to Make Pavements? Dr. Andrew Dawson
08 MayThe Lost Art of Engineering Geological Mapping Dr. Fred Baynes
18 JunUnderground Design in the SA Opal Fields Dr. Tony Meyers
09 JulChek Lap Kok Airport Hong Kong Craig Covil
06 AugThe Use of the Dilatometer Test (DMT) in Soil Investigation and in Geotechnical Design Prof. Gianfranco Totani
17 SepLatest Advances in Geofabrics and Geogrids Rod Fyfe
08 OctYoung Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting Various Young Geotechnical Engineers and Students
19 NovVisitors Night Non-Technical
200011 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
07 Feb1999 E. H. Davis Memorial Lecture: Embankment Dams – Some Lessons Learnt and New Developments Prof. Robin Fell
20 MarSite Visit: Linwood Quarry Gus Harvey
17 AprDesign of Large Underground Excavations Dr. Tony Meyers
08 May40th Rankine Lecture Nonlinear Soil Stiffness in Routine Design Prof. John Atkinson
19 JunRemediation of Contaminated Sites Various
17 JulApplication of Pressure Injection John Adamson
24 AugCase Studies in Geotechnical Engineering (Joint Meeting with the S.A. Footings and Structural Groups) Various
18 SepAnnual Half-Day Seminar – Recent Developments in Piling Various
16 OctYoung Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting Various
16 NovInternational Speaker: Application of Limit State Principles to Geotechnical Problems Brian Simpson
04 DecVisitors Night, Belair Bhavan Tandoori Indian Restaurant Mark Elford
19999 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
15 MarSite visit Dr Peter Mitchell and Richard Cavagnaro
19 AprSouthern Expressway Stage I – Pavement Design and Construction Rob Bremert
10 MayAnnual Half-Day Seminar – Ground Engineering Risk Various
14 JunThe G-Pile Foundation System Dr Peter Mitchell
19 Jul1995 E. H. Davis Memorial Lecture Video Presentation The Late Prof. John Booker
19 AugEngineering Characteristics of Interesting South Australian Soils – Woomera, St Kilda And Glanville Formations (Joint Meeting with the S.A. Footings Group) Don Richardson, Tony Belperio, and Roger Grounds
20 SepConstruction and Hydrogeological Aspects of Melbourne’s City Link Project Bruce Hutchison
18 OctInaugural Young Geotechnical Engineers Night and Annual General Meeting Various Young Geotechnical Engineers and Students
15 NovVisitors Night – Maylands Hotel – Early Road Building in South Australia Bill Stacy
199810 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
31 JanModelling of Offshore Foundations Professor Mark Randolph
28 FebMt Barker Road Project Visit Andrew Campbell
31 MarEnhanced Natural Biodegradation (ENB) of Diesel Contaminants at the Mile End Railyards Craig Barker
30 AprAnnual Half-Day Seminar – Recent Developments in Pavement Technology* Various
31 MaySouthern Expressway Project Dr Peter Mitchell
30 JunCobblers Creek Retention Dam Project Brenton Curtis and Andrew Telfer
31 JulCollapsing Soils Dr Peter Mitchell
31 AugThe Response of Reactive Clay Soils to Wetting in the Presence of Active Vegetation Kevin Mills
30 SepConstruction of the Blanchetown Bridge Dr Peter Mitchell and Richard Herraman
31 OctAnnual visitors night: India – Roads and Life Bob Andrews
199710 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
31 JanThe Re-Use of Sediment Drained from the Patawalonga Lyn Sanders and Tony Read
28 FebTailings Management at Olympic Dam – Current Practises and Future Options Jeremy Folwell
31 MarBlanchetown Bridge Replacement – Geotechnical Investigation Richard Herraman and Matthew Duthy
30 AprAnnual Half-Day Seminar – Environmental Geomechanics Various
31 MayMelbourne Crown Casino – Geotechnical Issues Max Ervin
30 JunArt Gallery of SA – Deep Basement Construction Carlo Muneretto
31 JulThe Holdfast Shores Development at Glenelg – Geotechnical Aspects – Onshore and Offshore Bob Boorman, Doug Smart, and Dr Peter Mitchell
31 AugAdelaide AirportRunway Extension Richard Cavagnaro and Roger Grounds
30 SepLandslide Risk Assessment Alan Moon
31 OctLife on a Commune Richard Herraman