Western Australia Chapter


201812 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
27 MarAS1726-2017 – What has changed Stuart Masterson, Senior Principal Engineer, Water Corporation
10 AprApril Technical Presentation To be confirmed
23 AprCritical State Soil Mechanics:
125 years of history to current use
Mike Jefferies
08 MayRole of Engineering Geological Modelling in Rock Slope Engineering Mark Eggers
12 JunOptus Stadium Civil Enabling Works Ground Improvement Project Babak Hamidi
10 JulYoung Geotechnical Engineers’ Evening Seminar &
the 17th Dr Baden Clegg Award – 2018
07 AugQuiz Night
11 SepSeptember Technical Presentation To be confirmed
18 OctTerzaghi Lecture – Perth Kerry Rowe
24 Oct57th Rankine Lecture, Perth:
Triggering and Motion of Landslides
Eduardo Alonso
01 NovGeotechnical Mapping Course 2018 – Perth
13 Nov26th Annual GFWA Prize
20176 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
12 Apr56th Rankine Lecture, Perth:
Geotechnics and Energy
Professor Richard Jardine, Imperial College London
09 MayUse of vegetation to assess ground conditions
04 Jul2015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Perth Professor Daichao Sheng, University of Newcastle
11 JulYoung Geotechnical Engineers’ Evening Seminar &
The 16th Dr Baden Clegg Award – 2017
08 AugThe application of near-surface geophysical techniques in geotechnical engineering Lee Tasker
19 SepInsights from the Ballina bypass prediction exercise – Perth Dr Richard Kelly
201610 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
25 Feb2014 AGS Practitioner Award Distinguished Lecture in Perth


Learning to Practise the Art of Observational Geotechnical Engineering
John Simmons
24 MarAS 1726 : 2016 Seminar – Perth Members of the SA CE-15 Committee
12 AprMicro-seismic monitoring of damage initiation and propagation in an underground gallery in the Opalinus Clay formation (Switzerland) Joel Sarout, CSIRO Energy, Perth
10 MayGeotechnical Aspects of the Gateway WA Project Dr Giovanny Alvarado, Principal Geotechnical Engineer, AECOM Australia
12 JulYoung Geotechnical Engineers’ Evening Seminar &
The 15th Dr Baden Clegg Award – 2016
20 JulE.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – WA Professor Malek Bouazza
09 AugHarnessing Wave Energy – Geo-Development Challenges Mr Angus Nichols, Dr Peter Ramsay, Shawn Ryan and Dr Noel Boylan
13 SepUse of onshore test sites for developing soil characterisation methods and verifying foundation solutions Tom Lunne, Technical Expert, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
06 OctGeotechnical Mapping Course – Perth
11 OctDamage and premature refusal of piles Professor Mark Randolph & Carl Erbrich
201512 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
19 Feb14th Glossop Medal Lecture Tour – Perth
10 MarAn improved methodology for the determination of design groundwater levels for civil construction projects
14 AprFailures in Dewatering for Diaphragm Wall (and Similar) Deep Excavations Mike Hillman
12 MayA systems approach to verifying driven pile foundations Dr. Julian Seidel
21 May54th Rankine Lecture (2014): Interactions in Offshore Foundation Design Professor Guy Houlsby, University of Oxford
14 JulYoung Geotechnical Engineers’ Evening Seminar and
The 14th Dr Baden Clegg Award – 2015
07 AugSoil and Rock Logging Course – WA Dr Fred Baynes
11 AugDeconstructing engineering geological models – for continuous improvement in a changing world. Dr Fred Baynes, Past President of IAEG, Independent Consultant Engineering Geologist, Australia
08 SepUse of recycled materials in road pavements Colin Leek, Project Engineer, City of Canning
13 OctFoundation Design and Installation for Ichthys Structures Carl Erbrich and Ian Finnie, Fugro AG
10 Nov23rd Annual GFWA Prize in Geomechanics & AGS-WA Chapter AGM
10 Dec55th Rankine Lecture: Hazard, Risk and Reliability in Geotechnical Practice Dr. Suzanne Lacasse, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)
20144 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
21 Jan2011 Géotechnique Lecture – Foundation Design for Offshore Wind Turbines Dr Byron Byrne
11 FebMining Geotechnics: A glimpse into the “Dark Art” Ian de Bruyn
11 MarSAKHALIN II Phase 2 PROJECT: Challenges of Seismic and Arctic Environment Professor Mike Efthymiou
18 Mar2012 John Jaeger Lecture: Introducing Geotechnical Design to Shallow Geothermal Systems Professor Ian Johnston
201313 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
12 FebThe challenges of offshore shallow foundation design Dr Nina Levy
12 MarInvalidity of Relative Density for Quality Control of Cohesionless Soils Babak Hamidi
09 AprGeotechnical Practitioner of the Year 2010 and Civil Engineer of the Year 2011 Andrew Leventhal
14 MayWoodside’s North West Shelf Pile Foundations and North Rankin B Installation Dr Ting Zhang
09 JulGeotechnical Engineering and the Law Jeremy Quan-Sing and Nicholas Gallina
23 JulAGS Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Evening Seminar and the 12th Dr Baden Clegg Award Various
13 AugDeficiencies In Current Liquefaction Criteria As They Apply To Western Australia Dr Bob Semple
10 SepE.H. Davis Lecture 2012 – Combined Loading Of Offshore Foundations Prof Mark J. Cassidy
08 OctGFWA Prize in Geomechanics for Final Year Undergraduate Projects in Geomechanics at Universities in Western Australia
21 Oct52nd Rankine Lecture (2012) – Performance-based Design In Geotechnical Engineering Prof Malcolm Bolton
01 NovGeotechnics of Nearshore and Dredging Projects
12 NovD.H. Trollope Medal 2010 ‐ Solutions for Oil and Gas Extraction from Shallow to Deep Water Resources Dr Muhammad Shazzad Hossain
21 NovVictor Milligan Award 2012: Estimation of Parameters for Seismic Design in Peru
201219 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
14 FebLaboratory Testing in Geotechnical Engineering Prof. Barry Lehane, Prof. Andy Fourie and Asst/Prof. James Doherty
15 FebProbabilities of Failure and Factors of Safety in Geotechnical Engineering Professor Vaughan Griffiths, Colorado School of Mines, USA
16 Feb46th Terzaghi Lecture – Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil: From the Experimental to the Familiar R. D. Holtz, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
13 MarThe M 6.3 Christchurch, New Zealand, Earthquake of February 22, 2011 Dr Timothy Mote, Arup
10 AprTunnelling in Binningup Desalination Plant Project Alan Berry
08 MayGeotechnical Investigation of Mount St. Helens’ New Roadway after May 18, 1980 Eruption George B. Deardorff, Golder Associates
12 JunAnticipating Engineering Properties And Behaviour From Geological Knowledge Alan Moon, Coffey Geotechnics
26 JunYoung Geotechnical Engineers, 10th Baden Clegg Award Various
10 JulTunnelling to and Under Airports Ted Nye
26 JulSustainable Resilient Ground Engineering Nick O'Riordan
14 AugForecasting Ground Deformation Asst/Prof James Doherty
31 AugSoil and Rock Logging Course – AS1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations Fred Baynes
10 Sep51st Rankine Lecture – Geotechnical Stability Analysis Laureate Professor Scott Sloan
11 SepTunnelling in the Binningup Desalination Plant Alan Berry, Hendrie van Zyl & Mike Murray
09 Oct20th GFWA Prize UWA, Curtin & WASM students
29 OctFundamental issues in developing a code of practice for geotechnical design Brian Simpson
09 NovSeminar on the Engineering Geology of WA Fred Baynes, Bruce Bulley, John F Kennedy, Mark Eggers and Local Speakers
27 NovAnnual General Meeting & Offshore Pipelines Prof David White
27 NovAGM & Offshore geotechnics – research and practice beyond the boundaries of traditional soil mechanics Professor David White
201115 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
08 FebSustainable Development of Underground Space and the Reuse of Existing Foundations Dr Fiona Chow
18 FebCourse on Laboratory Testing in Geotechnical Engineering Barry Lehane, Andy Fourie & James Doherty
08 MarGeotechnical and Geological Engineering for the Nakheel Tower, Dubai Dr Chris Haberfield
12 AprUnderwater noise from pile-driving: measurement, modelling, and mitigation Dr Alec Duncan
10 MaySome Geotechnical Challenges Dr Peter W. Mitchell
14 JunLandslide risk management in the Coastal Limestones of Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, Perth Bruce Bulley & Steve Easton
12 JulYoung Geotechnical Engineers evening Seminar and 10th Baden Clegg Award Various Speakers
09 AugWastewater Treatment Plant at Christmas Island Stuart Masterson
13 SepPavement Materials and Design in WA Geoff Cocks
16 SepAGS Seminar on Geotechnical Near-Misses and Failures E/Prof John Atkinson, Rob Simpson & John Foster
19 SepManaging Geotechnical Risks on Major Projects Fred Baynes
01 OctGFWA Prize in Geomechanics for Final Year Undergraduates Projects in Geomechanics at Universities in Western Australia UWA, Curtin & WASM students
03 Oct2009 Rankine Lecture: Geohazards and Large Geographically Distributed Systems Professor Tom O’Rourke
26 OctGeotechnical Investigation of a Large Tailings Facility Peter K. Robertson, Technical Director, Gregg Drilling & Testing Inc.
01 NovLecture (topic TBC) & Annual General Meeting Speaker TBC
201014 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
09 FebLessons Learnt from Numerical Analyses of Geotechnical Problems Mostafa Ismail & Sergei Terzaghi
22 FebThe Magic of Sands Prof David Muir Wood
09 MarUrban Stormwater and Groundwater Management for Water Sensitive Urban Design Outcomes Bill Till MIEAust CPEng.
13 AprGeotechnical Aspects of the Port Geographe development Geoffrey Cocks
11 MayThe challenges of geohazard prediction when operating in the marine environment Fiona Fitzpatrick
18 MayNew piling code Gary Chapman
11 JunGround Improvement Workshop Various speakers
13 JulAGS Young Geotechnical Professionals Evening Seminar and the 9th Dr Baden Clegg Award Various speakers
10 AugDiaphragm Walls – Design and Construction Ronan Leroy
24 AugRock Mass Characterisation Dr Paul Marinos, 2010 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
14 SepFrom a 20kg Sample to a 100 million tonne land form: the art of tailings engineering Alistair Cadden
17 SepSoil and Rock Logging Course – AS1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations Fred Baynes & Bruce Bulley
12 OctGFWA Prize (17th annual event) UWA, Curtin & WASM students
11 NovAGM & 50th Rankine Lecture: Stiffness at small strain – research and practice Professor Chris Clayton
200910 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
27 MarSoil and Rock Logging Course – AS1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations Various speakers
21 AprCondor Tower Various speakers
05 MayInsights into the behaviour of geotechnical structures through field observations Professor William Powrie
09 JunGeohazard Assessment for Critical Infrastructure Engineering James V. Hengesh, P.G.
14 JulAGS Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Evening Seminar and the 8th Dr Baden Clegg Award Various speakers
11 AugSources of Geotechnical Risk Fred Baynes
04 SepOn making the earth move! Professor Sarah Springham
08 SepGeotechnical and Pavement Engineering Aspects of the New Perth Bunbury Highway Russell A Clayton
13 OctGFWA Prize in Geomechanics Various speakers
19 OctExplaining Geotechnical Risks Tim Chapman
20086 Meetings
DateMeeting Details
12 FebAn Effective Stress Approach to Mine Backfill Matthew Helinski
13 MarEngineering of the Coastal Limestones of Western Australia Seminar Various
08 AprFoundations (piles) in Rock – Serviceability Rules Dr Chris M Haberfield
11 AprSeismic Flat Dilatometer – Results and recent developments Prof. Silvano Marchetti
13 MayRegrowing the Forest over a Large Waste Dump in Indonesia – An Engineered Solution Doug Stewart
10 JunThe Importance of Instrumentation Dr Richard Bassett