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Applied Landslide Risk Assessment – 1 Day Seminar

Seminar is fully subscribed

Aims of the course

Aims of the seminar The principal objective of this seminar is to teach participants the fundamentals of landslide risk assessment. The teaching method is based on working through real world practical examples. Participants learn by working through examples whilst being supervised by very experienced practitioners. The 1 day seminar will be presented over 4 sessions.

Session 1: Basics of Landslide Risk Assessment

  • Framework for Landslide Risk Assessment
  • Fundamental definitions of risk, including as it applies to life and property.
  • The importance of desk studies in landslide hazard identification.
  • A recap of references to guide practitioners in landslide risk assessment, including AGS 2007.

Session 2: Fundamentals of Probability of Risk Estimation

  • Methods of calculating risk to life including methods of calculating spatial probability, temporal probability and vulnerability.
  • A revision of basic probability as it applies to landslide risk assessment.
  • Definitions and how to calculate risk to the individual, societal risk and total risk.
  • Precision and accuracy in landslide risk assessment.
  • Criteria for risk evaluation.

Session 3: Worked example – Risk to a house

  • Worked example on the assessment of risk to life and risk to property for occupants of a house, including assessment of individual risk and societal risk.

Session 4: Worked example – Risk to a road or track

  • Worked example on the assessment of risk to a road or track, with moving elements at risk.

There will also be an opportunity for questions and discussion.

Participants who attend the seminar should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of a desk study and use desk study information to inform field assessment.
  • Be familiar with the references for landslide risk assessment including the Australian Geomechanics Society Guidelines for Landslide Risk Assessment (AGS 2007) and how to apply the techniques presented in this document.
  • Understand how to calculate risk to life and property for various situations where elements are at risk.

Who should attend

This course is designed for geologists and engineers involved in landslide engineering and landslide risk management. It is envisaged that participants will have some industry experience, some familiarity with assessing landslides and wish to enhance and develop their field skills.

Accreditation and presenters

The course is run by the Australian Geomechanics Society and is recognized by Engineers Australia as meeting an equivalent of 8 hours of CPD. Engineering geologists Phil Flentje, Tony Miner and Darren Paul have developed and will present the seminar on behalf of the Australian Geomechanics Society.

Field Course

AGS offers an additional 3-day field course aimed at teaching students field techniques for landslide assessment. The course is held at various landslide sites throughout Victoria and follows on immediately from the seminar, concluding on Sunday 19 May. See separate flyer for further details.

Cancellation policy

Fees will not be refundable if a participant is unable to attend. However, a nominated person may attend in your place If at any time the course is cancelled, fees will be refunded in full.