Field Technique for Landslide Assessment

Aims of the course

The principal objective of this course is to teach students how to collect information and make observations in the field to support effective landslide risk assessments. The teaching method is based on guided field exercises, in which the students learn by carrying out realistic project related work in the field whilst being supervised by very experienced practitioners.

Students who complete the course should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of a desk study and use desk study information to inform field assessment;
  • Develop effective field techniques for mapping and observing landslides;
  • Recognize a variety of landslide types and identify landslide hazards;
  • Observe and understand the geological and geomorphological features associated with landslides, record them on maps and develop different types of geological models for a project area with a landslide problem;
  • Understand landslide mechanisms, processes and process rates and estimate the probability of landslide processes and consequences occurring;
  • Identify elements at risk from landslide;
  • Form judgements on what might be regarded as reasonable inputs into a landslide risk assessment using AGS guide lines; and
  • Communicate more successfully with other professionals, involved in landslide engineering and landslide risk management.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for geologists and engineers involved in landslide engineering and landslide risk management. It is envisaged that participants will have some industry experience and have experience in the landslide field, and wish to enhance and develop their field skills.

Although only three days long, this course is similar to the AGS Geology for Engineers course based in Adelaide and the AGS Engineering Geology course based in Wollongong, in that the emphasis is on field studies and “learning by doing” which in this case involves working on some of the classic landslides in and around the Melbourne area.

Accreditation & Presenters

The course is sponsored by the Australian Geomechanics Society. The course is recognised by Engineers Australia as equivalent to 30 hours of CPD requirement.

Engineering geologists Fred Baynes, Phil Flentje, Tony Miner and Darren Paul have developed and will present the course on behalf of the Australian Geomechanics Society. A teacher to student ratio of around 1 to 6 will be maintained throughout this course.

Assessment of Deliverables

Most exercises will involve a deliverable which will be individually assessed by the course presenters and feedback provided in the field. Some team exercises will be presented to the group as a whole in the evening workshops.

Each participant will be verbally advised as to the standard of their work. Upon successful completion of the course participants will be given a certificate of attendance.