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One day introduction to engineering geology of Melbourne

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An introduction to the engineering geology of Melbourne

Melbourne has some of the most complex engineering geology of any capital city in Australia. Processes of tectonic deformation, magma intrusion and hydrothermal alteration, deep chemical and physical weathering, the occasional volcanic eruption and the influence of ice ages have all lead to a complex geological terrain. With varied and complex geology comes varied and complex engineering geology, giving Melbourne’s ground a wide array of engineering properties and behaviour.

This one day course is for those who are new to geotechnical engineering practice in Melbourne or have little experience of Melbourne Geology. It covers the basics of Melbourne Engineering Geology, including:

  • The geological history of Melbourne.
  • The major geological units underlying Melbourne, including the Melbourne Formation, Anderson Creek Formation, Werribee Formation, Older and Newer Volcanics, Brighton Group (Sandringham Sandstone) and the Yarra delta sediments.
  • A summary of the engineering characteristics and different engineering behaviour of Melbourne’s geological units
  • A summary of geological hazards associated with Melbourne’s geological units.

Course program

08.30 – 08.45Arrival and registration
08.45 – 10.45Seminar on Melbourne geology
10.45 – 11:00Morning tea
11.00 – 11.30Sample inspection
11.30 – 16.30Field visit to three sites across the Melbourne area, including Studley Park, Royal Park and Niddrie Quarry

Requirements on the day

  • Appropriate field clothing and boots, including wet weather gear as necessary
  • Note pad, pen and pencil
  • Camera
  • Hand lens and geological pick are optional

A stop for lunch will be made. Students will be required to bring their own money with which to purchase lunch, or alternatively bring their own cut lunch.


Engineering geologists Darren Paul will present the course with Chris Coulson on behalf of the Australian Geomechanics Society.

Cost and numbers

The course will be limited to a maximum of 30 attendee. A maximum of 5 places are available for AGS Student Members. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis upon receipt of payment.

Members $100
Non-members $300
Student Members $30


Enquires about the course can be made to Frazer Saunders.