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Victoria Symposium Proceedings

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2020 Victoria Symposium Sustainable Geotechnics — Excellence in Planning, Design and Construction

  • Proceedings (14MB)
  • Keynote: Climate change, sustainable development and geotechnical engineering: A New Zealand framework for improvement R. C. Roberts
  • Comparing the embodied carbon and local environmental impact of common geotechnical foundation solutions for the Australian market J. Fetherston
  • Energy driven piles in Australia: Design and construction lessons from a trial at Fishermans Bend C. Price, et. al.
  • Keynote: Working Towards Net Zero Emissions – Role of Geo-professionals P. K. Wong
  • A settlement hazard risk management framework for the development of backfilled open-cut quarries M. Neves
  • Backfilled Quarry Development with Inbuilt Landfill Gas Solution C. L. Howell
  • Brown gold: redevelopment of former quarry and landfill sites S. Colls
  • Keynote: Recent advances in the usage of recycled materials in transportation geotechnics A. Arulrajah
  • Blends of recycled materials as sustainable alternatives for backfilling sewer trenches E. Yaghoubi, et. al.
  • Innovative Geotechnical Design, Smart Construction and Optic Fibre Sensing M. Disfani, et. al.
  • An Innovative Approach for the Installation of Vibrating Wire Piezometers M. Chapman
  • Sustainable Engineering Solution for Slope Stability with Anchor Reinforced Vegetation System (ARVS) A. Shahkolahi and D. Loizeaux
  • Sustainable Lining for Underground Hard Rock Openings K. W. K. Kong