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The Australian Geomechanics Society and the New Zealand Geotechnical Society invite you to attend the 13th Young Geotechnical Professionals Conference (13YGPC Cairns).

The 13YGPC is for geotechnical professionals from Australia and New Zealand up to 35 years of age. It is designed for all attendees to present a technical paper on any topic of interest / experience relating to the field of geomechanics, engineering geology or geotechnical engineering.

Abstracts and Nominations

Please complete the nomination form. Nominations of delegates must also be supported by a senior mentor and include an abstract of 200 words on a topic that is related to geotechnical practice or research. Positions are limited to 50 attendees and all successful nominations will be expected to present their technical paper at the conference. Co-authored papers will be accepted but only one author may present at the conference. The Don Douglas Youth Fellowship Award and the Young Geotechnical Professional Fellowship will be awarded to the best Australian paper and the best New Zealand paper, respectively, during the conference.


To be eligible to attend, nominees must be AGS or NZGS members at the time of the conference; they must be under the age of 35 at the time of the conference; and they should not have previously attended an ANZ YGP conference (ie. a previous conference in this series).

Note that only delegates who are less than 32 years old at the date of the conference will be eligible to win The Don Douglas Youth Fellowship Award or the Young Geotechnical Professional Fellowship.

Selection Criteria

50 Nominees will be invited to submit full papers, selected from their submitted abstracts so as to achieve a diverse cohort of young professionals, in terms of age, gender, AGS and NZGS, practice and research, sponsoring company/organisation, geologist and engineer, topic of abstract/paper etc.

Registration Cost

It is expected that the registration costs will be kept at or below AUD$1300 (incl GST), which includes three nights’ accommodation and breakfasts at a Hotel in Cairns, lunches and refreshments, one conference banquet, one conference dinner, an arrival drinks reception, conference venue and a field trip to discover the engineering geology of the Cairns region. Partners are invited to enjoy time in Cairns, but will not be included in the conference activities or dinners.


The aim of the 13YGPC conference is to provide younger professionals within the ANZ geomechanics industry experience in technical paper preparation and conference presentation. Each delegate prepares a technical paper and then presents their peer-reviewed paper to both their conference colleagues and senior industry professionals that are invited to attend in a mentoring capacity.

YGPC events also include a field trip into the surrounding regions, where delegates visit current projects or sites of geotechnical / geological interest. Along with a number of social events to encourage interaction between the delegates, the 13YGPC will provide an enjoyable and informative event aimed at the development of future leaders in the geotechnical profession. The conference attracts delegates from across Australia and New Zealand from consulting and contracting firms, industry bodies and research institutions, showcasing the diverse range of projects and products in the geomechanics field.

The aims of the YGPC conferences are to:

  • Promote the professional development of delegates through sharing experience and ideas, and by all delegates presenting a paper to both senior professionals and peers;
  • Expand and strengthen the lines of communications across Australia and New Zealand between young professionals within the field of geomechanics;
  • Promote an enhanced perspective of the varied roles, responsibilities and opportunities encompassed by the geotechnical profession; and
  • Encourage the exchange of knowledge between consultants, research institutions, contractors and industry associated with the geotechnical industry.

13YGPC offers you a range of sponsorship opportunities to suit your budget which are detailed in the attached flyer.

The 13YGPC is committed to providing optimum exposure for all sponsors. Additional opportunities may be available and we are willing to tailor a package to meet your specific business goals. We encourage organisations to contact the Conference Committee to discuss opportunities that are not included in this brochure.