Western Australia Chapter

Harnessing Wave Energy – Geo-Development Challenges

Mr Angus Nichols, Dr Peter Ramsay, Shawn Ryan and Dr Noel Boylan

Presented by AGS WA and the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT)


These presentations are jointly organised by the Western Australia Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) and the Offshore Site Investigation & Geotechnical Group (OSIG) of the Society for Underwater Technology (Perth Branch).

Supporting Renewable Energy Projects using High Resolution Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey Techniques

Mr Angus Nichols (Carnegie Wave Energy) and Dr Peter Ramsay (Marine GeoSolutions)

Carnegie Wave Energy has developed and patented the CETO wave energy technology over the past 10 years to convert the oscillating motion of ocean waves into zero-emission renewable power with the added advantage of producing desalinated freshwater as a by-product. This presentation will cover the 2015 geophysical site investigation survey, conducted by Marine GeoSolutions, for the CETO 6 power generation arrays and the cable routing offshore from Garden Island, WA. The survey highlighted the geological complexity of the area and provided a detailed assessment of the geohazards associated with the site and cable routing from the shore.

Foundation Challenges & Solutions for Near Shore Wave Energy Convertors

Shawn Ryan (Bombora Wave Power) and Dr Noel Boylan (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute)

Bombora Wavepower is an award-winning ocean energy company located in Perth. Their innovative and patented mWave converter offers a low cost renewable energy solution for broad commercial use in nearshore locations throughout the world. This presentation will commence with an overview of the mWave convertor, which is designed for operation in shallow nearshore environments with consistent large waves. While these conditions are attractive from an energy extraction perspective, the overall environment and operational requirements can be challenging from a foundation design perspective. This following presentation will provide an overview of these challenges and some of the solutions being explored to enable cost-effective developments using this device.

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