Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Number 20, October 1991

October 1991

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  • Contents, Editorial and Society Notes

  • Predicted and observed behaviour of a test embankment on Malaysian soft clays

  • Estimation of side resistance of compressible piles in a softening medium

  • Railway embankment failure at Coledale, NSW - 1988

  • Potential applications of expert systems in geotechnical engineering

  • Pile group design by conventional and limit state approaches

  • The B-Berm approach : Borders, boundaries, edges, rims and margins - A conceptual methodology for looking at rocks, and at life in general

  • Ground anchors give Perth's Bickley Reservoir a new lease of life

  • The electrical conductivity probe : A new tool for groundwater contamination and salinity measurement

  • Ignored opportunities beneath our feet

  • Liability for excavations