Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Special Edition – 5 ISRM, Melbourne

April 1983

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  • Cover

  • Contents, Foreword, Editorial and Society Pages

  • Rock mechanics in Australia

  • Monash University research into the foundation properties of soft rocks

  • A design method for rock socketed piles

  • A new stressmeter for rocks

  • Geomechanics in mining - Recent developments

  • Design and construction requirements for quarried rock for concrete faced rockfill dams

  • Site investigation requirements

  • Pressuremeter testing for foundation investigation

  • Rufus River groundwater interception scheme

  • Geotechnical aspects of the Hallett Cove to Hackham Railway preliminary design study

  • Development of unengineered fills

  • Dynamic consolidation of sanitary landfill

  • Residual shearing mechanisms in natural soils

  • The myth of a safety factor constant in foundation design

  • Minis and micros - A simple laboratory determination of anisotropic rock permeabilities

  • Surcharge requirements for highway construction over peat

  • Foundation investigation jacks up