Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume 41, Number 4

December 2006

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  • Cover

  • Contents

  • Methods of ground treatment for engineered solutions

  • Award winning construction at Curragh North coal mine

  • Broons makes an impact on Qatar

  • Low permeability slurry trench groundwater barriers - Recent experiences of design, construction and testing

  • Highly flexible catch fences and high performance drape mesh systems for rockfall protection in open pit operations

  • Engineering the Mansion's heritage

  • The hidden cost of geotechnical investigations

  • Pile design for liquefaction effects

  • Pre-reclamation in situ testing of soft soil

  • Theoretical prediction of P-Y curves for laterally loaded piles in clay

  • Shaft design for large-diameter microtunnelling in soft ground

  • Hydraulic calculation of clay-based backfill and plug for the intersections of tunnels in the geological repository for high-level radioactive waste

  • A time-series analysis of tidal effects on groundwater salinity

  • Characterisation of Victorian sites using a suction sign post shrinkage test with reference to geological and climate settings

  • Foundation stresses below a triangularly distributed load