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Australian Geomechanics
Volume 46, Number 2

June 2011

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  • Cover

  • Contents

  • Introduction to the "LRM Case Histories" Issue of Australian Geomechanics

  • Landslide risk management in National Parks: some case histories

  • Quantitative risk assessment for urban redevelopment adjacent to quarry Slopes

  • Landslide inventory, susceptibility, frequency and hazard zoning in the Wollongong and wider Sydney Basin Area

  • Slope instability - Managing the risk A regulator's perspective

  • Medium density residential development upon an ancient landslide in Pittwater LGA

  • Shortland Esplanade, South Newcastle Beach, Australia: A case study in rockfall risk management

  • Landslide susceptibility and landslide hazard zoning in Wollongong

  • Slope hazard assessment on a coast road in New South Wales, Australia

  • Landslide failure perspectives in practice in South East Queensland

  • Townsville landslide hazard study

  • Updating the landslide hazard assessment system within the City of the Gold Coast

  • Linking limit equilibrium analysis and landslide risk assessment

  • Sugarloaf pipeline landslide risk management and planning approvals

  • Development of a residential estate affected by landslide, Shire of Yarra Ranges

  • Risk assessment and risk mapping In the Victorian alpine resorts

  • Some geomorphological techniques used in constraining the likelihood of landsliding - Selected Australian examples

  • A web-GIS and landslide database for South West Victoria and its application to landslide zonation

  • The implementation of the AGS Guidelines in the Colac Otway Shire - History and challenges

  • Evaluation of the Tasmanian North-West Coast landslide map series against the AGS 2007 Landslide Zoning Guideline